Back on Monday

Update: Talk about reasons to celebrate! Today I got a message from WordPress that it is exactly 7 years ago I registered my first blog with them!!! This was:  All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army! exploring the connections between Eric Prince, Blackwater and the Pentagon/CIA and how he may have been involved with the 9/11 black op. I left the blog after it became clear it had attracted the attention of said groups and I was unable to connect it to servers for more publicity because it was tagged.

Off to prepare for a celebration of some pretty awesome milestones: 25 years of marriage and 50th birthday of husband to name but a few. I’ll be back on Monday to rant and rave about global ailments but for now I want to celebrate the reasons why I see fit to rant and rave lest it be destroyed.

Love and Peace


15 thoughts on “Back on Monday

  1. REV-
    This is the second half of Tom Engelhardt’s article with Jeremy Scahill and Chalmers Johnson from A week or so ago-

    Jeremy Scahill, Blowback Reporter
    By Tom Engelhardt
    Chalmers Johnson’s book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire was published in March 2000 — and just about no one noticed. . After September 11, 2001, his book leaped to the center of the 9/11 display tables in bookstores nationwide and became a bestseller,
    His name is Jeremy Scahill. In 2007, he, too, produced a surprise bestseller, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.
    Now, we have it in the form of Scahill’s latest book, Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield.

    Preparing the Battlefield:

    Notoriously, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld began urging aides to build a case against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein only five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.
    They were reportedly planning to target 60 to 80 countries, almost a third to close to one-half of the nations on this planet.

    A Perpetual Motion Machine for the Destabilization of the Planet:

    As Washington launched its post-9/11 adventures, the neoconservative allies of the Bush administration, believing the wind in their sails, eyed the vast area from North Africa to the Central Asian border of China (aka “the Greater Middle East”) that they liked to call the “arc of instability.”
    An 87-square mile metropolitan area was almost totally locked down. At least 9,000 heavily up-armored local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, hundreds of National Guard troops, SWAT teams, armored vehicles, helicopters, and who knows what else hit the streets of greater Boston’s neighborhoods in a search for two dangerous, deluded young men,

      • Don’t worry S, I like the links and I like it when people add stuff they find important to my blog and I appreciate your respect in doing it this way

        • Rev-
          I watched Jeremy S. on Democracy Now today with Amy Goodman-Not sure you get that on TV but is available on web site-The full transcript of the interview is available at link below-
          It was A good 45 minutes of the Al Awalaki and son droning and murder of these American citizens, 4 to 500 years of rule of law going back to the Magna Carta, completely abandoned-
          Scahill was exceptional and didn’t skip A beat-nearly as good A speaker as Jullian Assange-

          Anyway just thought I would let you know what slipped my mind in the first post-
          This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.
          AMY GOODMAN: The U.S. Senate is preparing to hold its first-ever hearing today on the Obama administration’s drone and targeted killing program.
          JEREMY SCAHILL: I got a strange phone call. Someone from the inside was reaching out to me, someone close to the heart of the president’s elite force.
          ANONYMOUS SOURCE: There are hundreds of covert operations on multiple continents in full support of the White House.
          JEREMY SCAHILL: It’s hard to say when the story began.
          Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan.
          This was supposed to be the front line in the war on terror.

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