The Traitor Within: Foreign Kiwi John Key Thinks The Americans Should Feel Free To Spy On You. In Fact They Already Do!

America as most of us know has long ceased being the land of the brave and home of the free! TSA agents who for all intends and purposes are identical to Hitler’s brown shirts even if they wear blue have recently been instructed to follow ALL instructions with a happy smile and without any criticism and preferably blind to whatever the content of those orders!

Homeland security is buying billions upon billions of hollow point bullets and refuses to answer any questions about the purchases while starving the US population from doing the same and while I abhor weapons I am not so sure I would like to be caught unarmed in the current political upheaval the US citizens are finding themselves in and yet….

John Key thinks that we should be on their side if or when they attack North Korea and thinks that they should be able to do the same untraceable and above all illegal spying they do on their own citizens on us. In fact it turns out that they have done so for a very long time with the FBI raid on Kim Dotcom’s house and family while completely illegal being one of the most high profile outcome of them all.

What’s more he thinks it is perfectly OK to keep damning rapports (here is a link to the actual report) about illegal spying way from the public only to release it hastily after it is already in the public domain thanks to an uncharacteristically well functioning MSM action!

What is more it turns out the GCSB has already been spying on at least 88 persons we know off in the 10 years it has been operational!

3 thoughts on “The Traitor Within: Foreign Kiwi John Key Thinks The Americans Should Feel Free To Spy On You. In Fact They Already Do!

  1. I totally agree and yet the population is too addicted to take notice, But the GCSB is furthering the UKUSA, a multilateral agreement for cooperation in signals intelligence among the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The alliance of intelligence operations is also known as Five Eyes (FVEY). It was first signed in March 1946 by the United Kingdom and the United States and later extended to encompass the three Commonwealth realms of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The UKUSA Agreement was a follow-up of the 1943 BRUSA Agreement, the World War II agreement on cooperation over intelligence matters…

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