The Traitors Within: Working Abroad, Coming Home To High Posts, I See A Pattern Here!

New Zealanders on the whole see themselves as part of the global elite. They feel rich, privileged and above all entitled, while cursing people from other races and backgrounds who want the same kinds of entitlements.

It should therefore come as no surprise that those Kiwi’s who come back after successful stints in the service of other Nations or institutions in order to take up powerful positions of control are on the whole welcomed with open arms. They are after all part of the elected few who made their wealth and name in parts of the world which are part of the same empire Kiwi belong to and as such can only bring honor and their experience to help all New Zealanders get up higher in the world of Anglo Saxon dominance and superiority.

I have been watching on the sideline how more and more New Zealanders are getting confused about the apparent “stupidity” of their successful peers in delivering the expected leg up of the country Kiwi’s think should be up there with the likes of England, America and Canada and their ever dominating Nemesis Australia which is after all just a penal colony filled with criminals and their offspring.

I have watched them become more confused as John Key went ahead in selling NZ’s asset and I see my farmers neighbors voting for John Key because he is a hard nosed businessman who will see them right and get slammed in the head because he is not seeing them right at all but instead seems to do all in his power to make life miserable not for bennies and scroungers but for their salt of the earth hardworking class!

Last week John Key was caught out in what on the surface can only be described as an act of undemocratic Cronyism but the appointment of Ian Fletcher becomes much more disturbing if, like me, you see it as part of a worrying pattern emerging  in the upper echelons of power and control over this rich and plentiful little part of the globe: That of the replacement of local and competent individuals for New Zealanders who have earned their spurs in the service of primarily City of London controlled financial and public service institutions.

Here are some of those individuals and the people they pushed to the sides in order to achieve their goal:

  1. The number one of course has to be John Key who made his wealth and career in a bank which made most of its money by selling and buying Derivatives and bonds from the late 1990 to the early 2000s not in the US even though it was an originally US bank but in the city of London where they even had their main quarters.He pushed Bill English out of a possible leadership position within National and while I don’t hold a candle for Bill English as he is a venal, nasty, narrow minded cretin, he is a true Kiwi venal, nasty, narrow minded cretin who on the whole might have been more susceptible to pressure from other Kiwi’s (especially farmers) to put Kiwi interests before  that of international corporations and other vultures.
  2. The second person I would like to bring to your attention is David Schearer as the leader of the opposition. David Schearer made his career and money in another arena but again a non Kiwi one and another concentration of Anglo Saxon Empirical power at that. He worked for institutions such as the International Institute for Strategic Studies which is specialized in developing strategies to keep a monopoly in place for global political dominance of the ruling elite and his most shocking feat is the document called on outsourcing war which celebrates the use of mercenaries around the globe in situations where it is hard to sell the involvement of regular armies. He did so in the direct run up to the use of mercenary armies such as Blackwater which gained notoriety when it committed crimes of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.David Schearer manipulated the leadership of Labour into dumping his political opponent and his Kiwi support base David Gunliffe rather than incorporating him onto the big left wing family to stand against the onslaught of pending asset sales and austerity measures proposed by National. Instead he shows a highly destructive weak leadership which seems to weaken Labour in a time we need a strong opposition and he even seems to support some asset sales.
  3. The third person I would like to bring under you attention is of course Russel Norman. He is the one politician in this list who actually wasn’t even born here but in Australia.
    As the leader of the Greens he like no other politician would have the opportunity to address issues such the global collapse of the financial system and our involvement with the post polluting human activity of all that of incessant and  never ending wars. Instead he has survived Janet Fitzsimons, and other truly visionary politicians and I’m not even sure who is female co-leader is these days relegated as she seems to the sidelines as a mere figure head even though she is a real Kiwi.
  4. The fourth person I would like to point out to you is Greame Wheeler who was recently appointed as the new Reserve bank governor. His resume reads like the ideal resume for someone who lives and breathes an international career in finance and not I suggest to you as a man who’s primary interest is to keep the Kiwi reserve bank for the Kiwi’s and so far he has not disappointed. He supports stealing peoples bank savings to save collapsing banks to name but one policy which was first implemented in Cyprus and which will lead to more instability not less in the New Zealand financial situation.He pushed out a gentleman by the name of deputy governor Grant Spencer whose career was a solid Kiwi based career and who other than Greame Wheeler was really specialized in keeping the NZ dollar stable.
  5. The last in this list is Ian Fletcher who after John Key tore up the short list undoubtedly inhabited by solid Kiwi, ex military and qualified individuals was appointed and whose career achievements reads like a wishlist for foreign interests and not as the achievements of a man who is first and foremost a Kiwi whose love for New Zealand will push him to make choices which will serve New Zealanders.His actions with regards to the arrest of Kim Dotcom which broke a series of laws designed to protect the civilians in this country against arbitrary arrests and human rights violations should worry even those of us who think Kim Dotcom deserved to be dragged out of his house by an entire squat team.

These are only some of the man who achieved places of power while nobody asked themselves if they were deserving of that much control over what most Kiwis hold dear. It seemed that being successful on a global level was enough for Kiwis to give them their trust and support. Some of the most powerful driving forces of public life are now manned by people we know nothing about other than that they worked abroad in powerful organizations.

We now have “foreign” Kiwis in control of the three biggest political parties, the Reserve bank and the Secret Service! Just think about that for a moment!

6 thoughts on “The Traitors Within: Working Abroad, Coming Home To High Posts, I See A Pattern Here!

  1. Heard National Radio this morning commenting on the fact that Simon Bridges was trying to sneakily pass a law to enable big oil to go about their business of oil exploration without protesters impeding on them by fines up to $100,000. Does this sound like a minister working for the people of NZ? What’s Simon’s payoff and from whom?

  2. And yet when maori people took the government to the courts over water rights they were ridiculed even though someone was making profits from water that no-body owns. You choose your choice of intelligence over any other intelligence that was around meaning you made this society on your likeness where if we did not sound or looked liked you we were less than you Welcome to my world!
    You are now a minority . To stop them you must except me if you can?

  3. There’s only one Party
    It doesn’t matter who you Vote for
    It’s not who casts the Votes but who counts them
    Voting projects the illusion that the partaking can make changes by Voting
    And it is just that
    An Illusion

  4. Green Party politicians, like Dame Fitzsimons & Norman, are unfortunately irrational & not responsible for what they talk about or their actions. At least the left/right paradigm had some kind of rationalization framework, no matter how far out from basic reason it gets.

    All above activity is part of an insatiable military industrial complextion that creates artificial scarcity where ever it grows.

  5. While I feel this way about these people you have so courageously described, it was also with a sinking heart – we know how we got into this mess, but how can we bring about change…. a what now NZ ? I even joined the Labour Party to try and have an influence in voting for Cunliffe, as a majority of the grass roots members wanted, but that didn’t work out did it ! One hope is Key is showing just what a con man, unscrupulous opportunist he is and maybe he will be the author of his own demise, Shearer will self destruct, but will it be in
    time for 2014 election? Protest marches and petitions don’t seem to
    work any more, if they ever did, besides Bridges is starting to
    criminalise even that democratic right. Sigh !

  6. Have to say – I totally agree with every point you’ve made….I feel you must have been angry when you wrote this as there are spelling mistakes that you normally do not make – I only say this because I do so – the more angry or emotional engaged in a topic I am.

    I’m also very upset about the way the general population are so accepting of the western dogma emanating from USA these recent years – vis a vis the latest on North Korea.

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