Some News About Things Happening In the US You Don’t Hear About In the Mainstream Media

Over the last few weeks I have been reading about events happening in the US we don’t get to read about in the MSM, let alone in our kiwi MSM. I thought I’d mention them here so you can distribute them in your own net works.

  1. In the US Gulag commonly known as Guantanamo which holds an unknown number of people who have been locked up without trials and who have been exposed to torture, inhuman treatment and of whom the majority has been cleared off any involvement with terrorists activities, more and more people are entering into hunger strikes which predictably are met with forced feeding and exacerbating inhumane conditions such as withholding liquids and cooling cells to well below comfortable temperatures to force people to resume eating again.The complete media silence about what is happening to these people is another sign of the complicity of the Media corps in keeping these people from getting justice in what can only be described as a Kafkaesque life in which they are forced to live in complete limbo, away from friends and family only because they ware in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. In towns all over the US people are going hungry but instead of allowing charity to feed these people laws are put in effect to stop people from doing so. In one case a bank prevented perfectly good food from being shared amongst the 100ths of hungry gathered to be given some of the food  because the bank foreclosed on it and it was dumped in skips and shipped to landfills after a supermarket had to close down.
  3. In Mayfield an Exxon oil pipeline broke and started to leak thousands of liters of highly toxic fracking oil. A no plane zone was imposed to stop news agencies from filming the damage and many home owners (Who did not know an oil pipeline was running under their properties) have been evacuated from their properties. What made this even more ironial was the fact that at the same time Exxon was given a safety award. This was not the only oil spill. In fact it was part of three major oil spills in the US alone!
  4. In the states of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington 28% more newborns are born with thyroid problems in the after math of the Fukushima disaster which is ongoing and which has today announced a second power out threatening the cooling systems of the four reactors which is caused by rats chewing through the mains cables.

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