Why the British Banking System Has Become Identical With An Organised Crime Enterprise I

Rowan Bosworth-Davies an Ex- Metropolitan detective specialized in Financial crime who has been on Max Keiser’s show many times to talk about how the London Banking system has become the center of the Organized crime syndicate called the City. Here is what he has to say:
·     This paper makes the assertion that the British Banking Industry has become identical with an Organised Criminal Enterprise.
·      It examines the nature of the criminogenic personality and determines the kind of person who is more likely to break the criminal law and why.
·      It asserts that this state of affairs has been allowed to develop because of the failure of the regulatory process to develop the necessary skills and knowledge of the conduct of criminals to enable them to deal professionally with the misdeeds of the banking sector and the reluctance of the regulators to use their statutory powers effectively.
·      It defines why there needs to be a far greater degree of criminal prosecution brought against financial practitioners and explains why such processes are among the only penalties that such practitioners truly fear.

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