UK Poor On Ration Cards While The Rich Get Out Of Prison Free Cards

In the UK when you are poor you don’t need booze and siggies because you can’t afford them so says the ruling elite and like in the US the poor instead of money in acute financial crisis will now be given Rationing cards food stamps while the rich getting caught stealing $ 32 million get a $ 1 fine and 14 years in prison or better still they enable the killing of some 50.000 Mexicans and don’t get prosecuted because they are TOO BIG to prosecute!

6 thoughts on “UK Poor On Ration Cards While The Rich Get Out Of Prison Free Cards

  1. The globalisation, laissez faire, predatory capitalism isn’t working !
    Time to start over again starting with blowing up globalizations con men’s organizations….. WB/IMF/WTO, nationalize the privately owned Central Banks, open and transparent trade agreements agreed to by the citizens in referenda…..TPPA is a recent example of a bunch of carpet baggers screwing countries of their sovereignty, no more privatization of natural monopolies, essential infrastructure….I
    am sure there are others who can add to this list just off the top of the head !

      • “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
        To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
        ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

    • The banning and destruction of all Nuclear Arsenals worldwide would be A pre-requisite for your list to come to fruition-
      The U.S./British Global satellite Nuclear Weapons system {born of Ronnie Ray-Gun’s “Star Wars” program} is the ace in the hole card that give this huge cabal the power over the people of the world they so arrogantly flaunt…
      TPPA negotiations are taking place behind closed doors and of course, here in America, much thanks to corporate owned media, nobody seems to know or much less care…What A bunch of treacherous, treasonous reptilian brained vultures our Political leadership has become….

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