Webster Tarpley’s RSS Feed Added!

I’ve added Webster Tarpley’s RSS feed to my blog. He always has a refreshing and sometimes unnervingly accurate view of Geopolitical events and was amongst the first to see through Obama’s puppeteer and pointed his subservience to his banking masters.

He also points out Beppe Brillo’s role in the Italian political arena and while I gushed about Beppe Brillo’s talking about the Global financial fraud perpetrated on his country the overall picture of the man is that of a populist making hay out of the lowest instincts of the middle class population meaning racism, austerity and the implementation of a middle class wishlist resembling your worst  nightmare (think of act, sensible sentencing and you get my drift).

Anyway enjoy!!

One thought on “Webster Tarpley’s RSS Feed Added!

  1. A very concise, detailed view of what is happening in Italy and in the EU generally.
    Is Grillo still in power ? I can’t keep up with Italian politics and the continual changes of regimes, here today, gone tomorrow !
    He sounds a very nasty and dangerous man……aren’t they all in EU countries these days ?
    No wonder the Belgies were without a government for so long, they just didn’t trust any of them.

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