Reload: The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward G Griffin

In order to understand what and why is happening in the international financial world it is important to understand who owns the international banking system and since more and more people are waking up to finding less and less money in their pockets and banks threatening “haircuts” I thought I’d link to THE primer on the Federal Reserve System to which our Reserve Bank belongs once again with this excellent presentation of Edward G. Griffin on the origin of the Federal Reserve system exactly 100 years ago.

I met Edward G Griffin in March 2008 in Sidney and saw this presentation life and was able to ask him some questions afterwards.

My first question was: “A Wall street banker wants to become our next Prime Minister and this has me worried, should I be?

His answer which he gave with a gentle smile on his face was: “If I were in your shoes I would be very worried too.”

I asked him: “What will he do?”

And he responded: “He will sell your country to his mates and throw in his mother with the deal!”

I asked him: “He has been on an upon invitation only committee called the Forex Exchange committee “advising” the Federal Reserve of New York n matters Foreign Exchange, Has he been groomed for the job?”

With that same gentle smile he answered: “It has happened before!”

The man I was talking about was John Key of course who went on to become our Prime Minister and who is now selling off this country one utility at the time to his rich mates. So without further ado I give you Edward G. Griffin and the Creature of Jekyll Island and if you find that your mates are getting restless with all this banking turmoil around them you might find they are more susceptible to the information in this presentation than before so may I suggest you share?

6 thoughts on “Reload: The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward G Griffin

  1. Most people reading this blog will know the history of the US Federal Reserve but nothing like reinforcing this knowledge with -” repitition is the definition of education”.For little ol’ NZ it is well know we have often been used as a guinea for neoliberal experiments to see if they will float before sending forth to the wider world. In this case one could become paranoid and call Key a ‘plant’, realistically maybe he was fed up with that Merrill Lynch lifestyle and power beckons. I don’t know when a Reserve Bank Act was passed – in Clark or Keys watch – but we have the same laws re theft of depositors funds if banks go belly in NZ. Check out the OBR on the Reserve Bank site.

    • The Reserve act was signed in 1989
      With Don Brash as the RB governor and Lange as the Labour prime minister who signed it.

      I think you are naive with regards to John Key. He still has most of his paper i.e. fiat wealth in the BoA and as such has a huge conflict of interest. He is what I would like to call a member of the bankster mafia and once you’re in you never get out but feel free to think of him as a dolphin swimming with the sharks.

      • (When I replied the comment box was all wobbly – or my computer? – hence pigs was omitted as in guinea pigs.)
        I was being charitable, not naive, he is either a plant or…..etc.

        Only registered banks are covered by the OBR. This Q&A tells you which institutions are expected to be covered.

        Which institutions will be covered by the OBR?

        All locally incorporated banks with over $1 billion dollars of retail deposits are being required to participate in the scheme. This means that these banks will have to put in place the necessary systems to allow the OBR to be carried out within the necessary timescales. This is referred to as pre-positioning. All other registered banks have the option to opt-in to the scheme voluntarily if they wish to do so.

        For other facts about OBR please see the full Q&A document, or a background feature and an earlier Reserve Bank Bulletin article entitled A Primer on Open Bank Resolution (PDF 745KB), available on the Reserve Bank‚s website (you can click on the links in this sentence).


        Mike Hannah

        Head of Communications | Reserve Bank of New Zealand
        2 The Terrace, Wellington 6011 | P O Box 2498, Wellington 6140

    • International Finance Agreement 1961
      Also interesting another major piece of Legislation the Crimes Act 1961
      Was this a Diversion and Distraction to stealth in the Finance Agreement

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