Agenda 21 Detailed

I hate what we are doing to the planet. I try to live as sustainable as I can.

I budget my gas use, grow my own food, make my own soap, clothes and plant trees like there is no tomorrow and generally try to avoid any gas miles where it concerns our consumption but… and that is a big but how come I feel like there is always another money costing limiting rule which makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home when I want to change anything or build a hothouse or something like that and why did the bank ask how far I lived from a city when I inquired about an extension to our Mortgage because we wanted to build a workshop on my own land in order to be able to utilize our skills closer to home? And why do they want one of the lifelines of people living rurally NZ post to be cut to only 3 days a week?

Here is top researcher Rosa Koire detailing Agenda 21:

2 thoughts on “Agenda 21 Detailed

  1. now there the McGuinness Institute in Wellington who have created Project 2058. the McGuinness Institute adheres to Agenda 21 and is a node of the UN Millenium project. see below…

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