In Greece Politicians Go To Jail For Not Declaring Assets So What About Shearer

So Shearer forgot about a bank account he had in New York. He declared the account belatedly meaning it must have had at least $ 50,000.- in it. I don’t know about you but I don’t usually forget about those kinds of sums. Do you?

Neh, I didn’t think so!

Here is what happens to Greek politicians when they get caught hiding their assets!

5 thoughts on “In Greece Politicians Go To Jail For Not Declaring Assets So What About Shearer

  1. Not surprised to see the “squid” there and to learn that John Key has shares in them. John Key’s even more of a klepto-technocrat than I thought… add his name to the list of influential government appointments worldwide that GS have their tentacles in.

    Isn’t there a conflict of interest here…?

  2. I would like to think this was not intentional…..ignorance of tax laws when one is on the move around the trouble spots of the world. The US laws for USans living abroad are quite intimidating unless they give up their citizenship. One could ask the connection of John Key’s admission at a public meeting that he had shares in Goldman Sachs and the connection with Goldman Sachs via Lazards Australasia in the sale of the Energy assets. These banks are connected in the sale of a country’s privatization of SOE’s around the world and if memory serves me right it was on this blog that this information was published.
    Going into GS and Lazards web sites show this collaboration. Then there is the situation of Blind Trusts which I maintain are anything but blind…..isn’t it time that M.P’s who have their assets in these trusts be open to public scrutiny? Conflict of interest is but the first step in corruption within government if laws are passed which advantage MP’s a pecuniary advantage. This is bigger than Shearer not knowing the laws as he travels around, the last thing on his mind. Surely he will be addressing this mistake.

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