On Gall Stones, Tear It Out Policies And Hallelujah Back Online

Just in case anybody is wondering. It turns out the Gastritis was a severe bout of Gall stones and I am now in Hamilton Waikato hospital where I have to make the difficult choice between a Gall bladder removed (very much a NZ policy it seems) or fight the Medically accepted wisdom and try to reclaim my poor bladder on my own. Details not available due to too much information but at least I’m alive, painfree and back online thanks to a pre-paid mobile modem. Any serious advice is greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “On Gall Stones, Tear It Out Policies And Hallelujah Back Online

  1. Have a look at CastorOil packs with heat pads for detoxing if interested, might be helpful to your prob.
    for your work in being one of the few non-enslaved or enslaving NZ current event sites worth checkng out, hope it helps.

  2. Hi Ev, Oh you poor thing, sorry to hear you are in hosptial. I can totally empathise. A family member ended up in hospital in Wgtn with the same condition. last year. She did end up getting her gall bladder removed but she had other complications and is much improved now. Did a lot of research online re natural remedies here http://www.drgangemi.com/2012/08/gallbladder-health-prevention-treatment/

    Take care and get lots of rest and all the best with your decision.

    • Hi Helen, Your friend P D told me about his experiences with flushing gall stones and I decided to follow suit. The pain is gone and all the physical signs too. They wanted to book me for an endoscopy but I want to talk about all this before I commit to that as it can trigger Pancreatitis and I want to take it one step at the time.

      Thanks for the links. They where the most comprehensive I had seen and helped me make up my mind. So ta!

      Stupid thing is the attack was triggered BECAUSE I decided that we should give the old liver a good defattening cleanse and it worked a little too well (Surgeon confirmed you have an increased chance of Gall stones when you lose weight quickly). I think we’re on the right track though.

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