On Translations and Gastritis And Why The Queen Did Not Have It!

This week most of my time was taken by two incredibly tedious problems. One was the translation of three brochures from English to Dutch and they where of such a technical nature I had to spend hours researching the industrial processes they where used for in order to make sens of the subject matter.

I say tedious but that is not really the case. It is just that I have stuff I’d rather be doing but this week rather than being able to share my time equally between the professional (Yes if you need something translated to Dutch or from say German and French to English I am your woman) and the enjoyable I was struck with an every deteriorating attack of Gastritis culminating in a veritable night from hell for both myself and my better half as I am not the kindest of patients when suffering agonizing pain.

Gastritis is in the best of times a painful and debilitating ailment which sees you in the hours after you have consumed food bent double with pain as the lining of your stomach is eroded of its protected layer and your nerve ends are laid bare leaving you to suffer to the point of wanting to end it all. At the worst of all you are left with no position to feel comfortable in as the inflammation spreads from your stomach to your intestinal tract while you try to excrete whatever touches the nerve ends to stop the pain.

So while I was trying to find that impossible position for comfort while vomiting and hurdling abuse to my ever suffering husband I kept seeing this photo of the English queen dressed in Union Jack Red giving a nurse dressed in Union Jack Blue and White wearing a Union Jack Red belt with a Free Mason clasp a Freemason handshake WITHOUT GLOVES after she walked out of a hospital she walked into the day before because of a bout of “Gastritis” and all I can say is:

No way José!!! That woman did not have gastritis! Which makes you wonder why she had to stay  over in Hospital if a simple dollup of Gaviscon could have done the job and he would have been able to go to Rome after all!

6 thoughts on “On Translations and Gastritis And Why The Queen Did Not Have It!

  1. I have got a good cure for Gastritius but I would have to send it to your private email address

  2. I thought the news (but who has seen them get these things right) had said she was suffering from a touch of Gastroenteritis – isn’t that the milder form of tummy “bug” not Gastritis? So glad you’re recovering Gastritis is really really nasty.

    • In that case a bloody anti-diarrhea pill would have sufficed. Who has heard of anyone especially someone who probably has a first aid ROOM in every castle she stays in.

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