10 Things That Got Up My Wick This Morning. No, Make that 15!

As I was reading my newspapers this morning I was upset (not unusual) by a series of things. Generally I can keep enough distance to pick one or two issues to emphasize but today I thought I’d give you a list of 10 “up my wick” items.

  1. Disabled children cost too much and should be put down says Cllr Collin Brewer int the UK.
  2. It seems to become normal to feed the elderly moldy sandwiches. They are becoming to expensive too no doubt!
  3. In the same newspaper it was announced that Russian Oligarch Ambramovich has won the right to revamp a series of houses in the most expensive part of London to the value of  a  £100m. I sincerely hope that when the Guillotines come out they don’t forget him.
  4. Another person I would consider to be a prime Guillotine candidate not withstanding her extraorciany talent is no less then Beyoncé. She seems to think that ordering custom-made trainers made of anaconda, stingray, crocodile and ostrich is the proper thing to do while 50 million people in her country are on food stamps.
  5. It seems that when you are poor in Christchurch it is OK to live in a one room sleepout while Slumlords make a mint on the houses they rent out because hey it’s a free market, when you’re poor!
  6. Tim Geithner, one of John Key’s good mates is going to hold Financial Crisis seminars. Well, he should know seeing as he is one of the reasons we are having one in the first place.
  7. It seems that more and more students are having to resort to prostitution in order to pay back their student loans.
  8. Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke warned the world about the possible consequences of the global water shortage.
    • First of all global shortages do not “strike”. They are predictable and mathematically unavoidable.
    • Secondly there is no food shortage on a global scale. There is just an unwillingness to share.
    • Thirdly Nestle is one of the bi food coorporations who will make an absolute mint out of the monetization of water. (Which is being rustled in here by John Key as we speak)
  9. I don’t know how this happened but it made me soo sad!
  10. Jamie Dimon: “That’s Why I Am Richer Than You”. If there is one guy who should meet with the Guillotine on a one to one bases it most surely should be Jami Dimon!And this is where it gets really irritating. I found there was plenty more to be totally mad about so here are another 5 just for fun:
  11. The badger cull people have been fighting for years is back on. They want to kill 1000’s of perfectly healthy wild animals to protect an industry stealing their habitat.
  12. The Bank of England proposed the “extraordinary” measure of imposing negative interest rates on banks. Yep, more stealing of people like you and me by the banks!
  13. The Big H is charming little black kids in Africa. Nice one for the home front eh?
  14. Who the fuck gives a toss?
  15. And the entire online front page of the Daily Mail every day!!!

And trust me there is plenty more where that came from!

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