We are in WWIII already, It`s the First Asymmetric War Long Awaited by Pentagon Think Tanks

Here is the third of the articles by Wayne Madsen I was send the link of by one of my readers:

The Pentagon has already declared World War III and President Barack Obama and the Congress never even carried out their constitutional duties to approve the use of American military power for war.

One might reasonably conclude that the United States has outsourced war. Presently, World War III is being conducted on two continents – Asia and Africa – with two others – Europe and South America – looming on the horizon. Today, wars are crafted by the upper one percent of wealthy elitists who, using non-governmental organizations, television networks, non — profit “think tanks,” and public relations firms, can declare war on nations without a whimper from elected public officials.

Symmetric warfare is no longer an option for the global elites. World Wars I and II severely affected the investments of many of the global elite families as a result of the destruction of cities, factories, railways, seaports, and other infrastructures. The Korean, Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli, and Iraq wars were messy affairs that also adversely affected markets and destroyed valuable infrastructures. The Cold War never developed into a hot nuclear war because of the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), which ensured that a nuclear first strike by either the West or the East would result in total annihilation of both sides, along with the rest of the world. Even a western military attack on China would have had disastrous results for the attackers, especially since China could retaliate with a nuclear counter-attack and wipe out the U.S. Seventh Fleet and its East Asian naval bases, including Okinawa and Guam. A new type of warfare was required by the elites: asymmetric warfare – the use of unconventional warfare tactics, including information warfare, by proxies, non-state actors, agents provocateur, and fifth columns.

Largely financed by hedge fund mega-tycoon George Soros and his Central Intelligence Agency interlocutors, our present asymmetric World War III was field tested just like any new product. The “themed” revolutions were market-tested first in Serbia, and then in Ukraine, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan, to oust problematic governments that did not want to get on board with the dictates of the unelected and unaccountable real controllers of the financial and political destiny of the world.

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One thought on “We are in WWIII already, It`s the First Asymmetric War Long Awaited by Pentagon Think Tanks

  1. This is very convincing but there are a few gaps as to who exactly is in charge of operations in this power grab for the NWO. Soros and Co. in this article but then there is the Zionist Rothschilds camp who are accused of being the power behind the thrones of each country. Unless of course Soros, a Hungarian Jew, is part of the Rothschild family and just another front man for their ambitions. With John Key offering the US New Zealand troop support for NATO one would have to suspect his loyalties and just who is behind his decision making. Not parliament ? Shouldn’t that be a decision by the elected representatives of NZ after debate ans submissions? Yeah, right !

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