Is John Key A CIA Puppet? Top US Journalist Wayne Madsen Makes A Good Case!

Here is the second article from Wayne Madsen about how the US is manipulating the Pacific region and he makes a good case for a CIA driven emergence of new political leaders in the Pacific region. Here he zooms in on the two most important allies of the US in the Southern Pacific region.

The two leaders being Julia Gillard and John Key.

I want to add one caveat: Wayne Madsen asserts that John Key was involved in an attack on the New Zealand dollar in 1988. This is not correct. According to my research this was in October 1987 only four days after the Black Monday stock market collapse.


The United States has successfully installed two America-compliant leaders as the heads of government of Australia and New Zealand, Washington’s two most important Asia-Pacific regional allies. Both leaders, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, rose rapidly within their respective parties, a sure sign that they had outside support, likely from the Central Intelligence Agency, which has historically meddled in the domestic affairs of Australia and New Zealand…

Australia and New Zealand have seen the CIA interfere in their domestic politics before. In 1975, the CIA, working with Australian intelligence and pro-U.S. politicians, engineered a constitutional coup against Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. The independent-minded Whitlam demanded a fuller explanation about the nature of U.S. intelligence bases at Pine Gap and Woomera, Australia. The Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, alarmed by Whitlam’s demand for an accounting about the activities of the bases, used an old U.S. intelligence asset, Australian Governor General Sir John Kerr, to fire Whitlam’s government and install a pro-U.S. regime. Similarly, after New Zealand Labor Prime Minister David Lange began probing into the activities of the National Security Agency’s eavesdropping bases in New Zealand and banning visits by U.S. nuclear-armed or powered warships to New Zealand ports, he was unceremoniously ousted in a parliamentary backbenchers’ coup in 1989.

What happened to Whitlam would repeat itself in 2010 in Australia when Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was generally supportive of the United States, was deposed in a backbenchers’ coup by the even more pro-American deputy prime minister Julia Gillard. Since coming to power, Gillard, who was born in Wales, has supported the United States and Israel in all matters, including inviting the United States to establish new naval, air, and troop bases in Australia.

Also I want to extend my gratitude to the reader who send me these links again.

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7 thoughts on “Is John Key A CIA Puppet? Top US Journalist Wayne Madsen Makes A Good Case!

  1. if you look at how gough whiltlam and norm kirk (our pm at the time) were working together to expose and change alot of the problems that plague our countries. norm kirk died of a sudden heart attack which can easily be seen as a normal death, but if you believe we are constantly lied to then its not so hard to believe that he was gotten rid of.
    the things they were talking about doing could have freed us from the world banking chains with which we are shackled since 1961(international finance agreement).

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