USA’s Dept of Energy’s plan for radioactive scrap metal into consumer goods

You can rest assured that the products made with this crap will be sold to countries who ask the least questions such as New Zealand.

the DOE wants to deregulate and actually sell 14,000 tons of radioactive scrap metal (both volumetrically and topically contaminated) from the nuclear war system — uranium enrichment, plutonium extraction, etc. — and “recycle” the waste to the commercial clean scrap metal industry. From there, according to the watchdog group Nuclear Information and Resource Service, the radioactive stuff “could be turned into anything from your next pants zipper to baby toys.”

The DOE has never officially acknowledged — in spite of the National Academy of Sciences’ 2006 findings — that the same radiation dose does far more harm to women than to men. The drastically increased vulnerability of fetuses and infants is well known, but the whole population is nevertheless treated as the same big, young, Caucasian male (“reference man”) in most radiation risk assessments.

You can tell the DOE to continue to keep its radioactive metal out of the commercial metal supply, commerce, and our personal items. You can demand a full environmental impact statement. Comment deadline is Feb. 9, 2013. Email to: (with an underscore after “scrap_”). Snail mail to: Jane Summerson / DOE NNSA / PO Box 5400, Bldg. 401K. AFB

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4 thoughts on “USA’s Dept of Energy’s plan for radioactive scrap metal into consumer goods

  1. Barium and strontium are both derivatives of Nuclear Fission
    When you Fission Uranium 200 more elements are created
    These are contained in Chem Trails along with Aluminium
    And I was also Reading “Alien Secretions”
    Also interestingly what Al Bielek said after he had returned from the Future (Montauk Chair-Philidelphia Experiment)
    That the NWO was a failure and we had Basically returned full Circle
    And returned to City States

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