Qld may face Australia’s largest-ever class action

The Queensland government faces the threat of Australia’s largest-ever class action lawsuit, with new flood modelling released showing that thousands of homes and businesses were needlessly flooded during the 2011 crisis because of the “negligence” and “incompetence” of Wivenhoe Dam’s operators, according to The Australian.

The flood modelling was done as part of a 12-month, $1 million investigation backed by a $10 million fighting fund from litigation financier IMF Australia.

Law firm Maurice Blackburn, which commissioned the research, said the findings would form the foundation for a class action suit against the state of Queensland.

“There were 29,000 homes and businesses flooded and there’s a very large number that didn’t need to be,” Maurice Blackburn principal Damian Scattini said, according to

The Australian.

He added that the modelling from US experts showed that the government-owned dam operator SEQWater beached its duty of care and caused entire suburbs, the Ipswich CBD and Brisbane city’s Eagle St pier to be unnecessarily flooded, The Australian added.

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