When Will New Zealand Be Called Upon To Sent Its Cannon Fodder To The New Gallipoli

This week a wholesale illegal assault on Mali by the French with air support and intelligence from both the US and the UK saw a dramatic turn for the worse in the Arab countries targeted by the 1%.

My first reaction was to wonder how long it would take before New Zealand would be called upon to send troops to the affected areas. My answer has come. It will be soon (but it might not be known to us for a long time) and here is why:

Over the last few days we have been inundated not with the pictures of street to street fighting of French troops in Mali but with pictures of the hijacking of anywhere between 200 and 500 “foreigners” (read English and America) in an Algerian BP owned refinery. In fact we have been given a whole new narrative including a whole new Antagonist to hate in the figure of Moktar son of Moktar who is apparently an Algerian “terrorist”.

While until now the UK and the US have made a point of not being involved, the attack on a BP refinery makes the “unrest” a declaration of war on the UK and that means the activation of NATO and the US military in the area.

With John Key signing us on to NATO he opened the doors to Kiwi military involvement in the Atlantic region as much as US military involvement in the Antarctic as his visit to the US antarctic base testifies too.

With the Dutch government volunteering soldiers which I might add it had to stop doing after massive public pressure with regards to its involvement with Afghanistan and the English News papers howling for blood I reckon it won’t be far off for John Key to announce that New Zealand soldiers have to loose their lives in the deserts of Algeria and Mali.

Galipoli while hugely important to Kiwi’s in the grander scheme of thing was a miserable failure and a stupid sacrifice of lives in another war for the enrichment of the 1% and this is no different but I suspect there will be even more dead soldiers to count than those who died needlessly in Galipoli when the dark storm coming fast towards us will have passed.

4 thoughts on “When Will New Zealand Be Called Upon To Sent Its Cannon Fodder To The New Gallipoli

  1. Whoa there ! When did Key sign us up to Nato ? Sure he had talks with Pannetta but sigh of relief he refused to allow a deployment of US troops here. Right ? Hasn’t he read Nicky Hagar’s “Other Peoples Wars”? If Kiwis knew the truth about US “broad spectrum dominance” via wars courtesy of The PNAC Neocon project I doubt they would be that willing to get involved. Right? Or am I being naive? Saturday media said something about McCully going to Africa but that is a long shot from involvement with Nato. If this is true then
    what can we do about it in protest ? Most protest marches have dwindle to 300-500 – we are all marched out with free Palestine and TPPA – 4 altogether in November ! Sigh.

  2. It is most ironic that you mention Gallipoli at this time
    Because as I do revere and pay Tribute to the men who Died there unnecessarily and for no reason
    This is the real reason the memory is kept alive
    To serve as a platform and launching pad for all sucessive Wars

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