Mleeta, Khiam, Sabra, Shatila and Resistance In General

Gilad Atzmon is Jewish, Israeli, a musician, a writer and a political activist.  I found him during my travels on the Internet and he is one of my facebook friends.

This allows me to follow his journey as an anti Zionist political activist meeting with people all over the world as he shares his music with people he was taught were his enemies when he was young and a member of the Israeli army.  I am extremely proud to be calling him my friend.


Lebanon is incredible – an intoxicating blend of natural beauty, rebellious spirit, pious clarity, tolerance, wild night life and unbelievable hummus. I landed in Beirut four days ago. The purpose of my visit wasn’t all that clear. I knew that a talk and a musical performance were scheduled by Almayadeen TV, but I never expected such a spiritually transforming experience.

It was my second visit to the country. 30 years ago I crossed the Lebanese border along with an IDF convoy escorted by tanks and armed vehicles. Then I was an occupier, this time I came with only my saxophone and a desire to share my thoughts and deliver some beauty.

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