On Blair’s Bumper profits, Osbourne’s Child Support And Mothers Turning Off Heaters To Feed Their Children

Showing the full callousness of England’s ruling elite to mainstream media newspaper the daily mail published three articles in short succession.
The titles alone should have brought hot flushes of shame to the editors cheeks.

One of them was about the fact that war criminal Tony Blair had made spectacular profits of his crimes this year.

Another one was the fact that the queen was giving two properties at once to William and Kate as a reward before becoming pregnant of what could be the next King or queen of England.

Another one was about the fact that Chancellor Osborne was giving up his child support so that we could fight the deficit (while still holding on to his almost £200.000 annual income) and last but not least one was about the fact that a quarter of all mothers had to make the choice to either turn of the heater or a feed their children.

Not only that, 56% of all households turn off the heaters after the children left for school in order to save on fuel costs as the cost for a heating is rising trend is quickly becoming unaffordable before the majority of the English population.

I find the disconnect of the ruling elite in the United Kingdom with the realities facing the majority of the population absolutely astonishing and to be frank quite terrifying in the a level of callousness they are displaying towards the fate of millions of people who are facing winter, hunger and deprivation while they, ensconced in their mansions live gluttonous and greedy lives.

In my opinion, the United Kingdom is on a collision course between the 1% and the 99% that this the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “On Blair’s Bumper profits, Osbourne’s Child Support And Mothers Turning Off Heaters To Feed Their Children

  1. It’s called provocation, they have their underground bunkers filled and ready with their gluttonous goodies just waiting for the shit to hit the fan. Excuse me for adding this but your written English is really sad.


    • My first language is Dutch. For what I think about your comment on my use of your language read the post I’m Dutch get over my English.


      What is funny is that I dictated this with a speech recognition program and the program uses an UK English Spell checker, My local computer uses a New Zealand English spell checker and hotmail uses an American Spell checker. Every single one of them contradicts each other. You lot can’t even synchronize your own dictionaries and you expect me to be perfect?

      Get of your high horse and by the time you speak Dutch the way I speak/write English come and complain again.

      Have a fine day

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