Toxic Shame: The Devil’s Tool Of Choice!

If there is such a creature, the Devil could not have conceived of a better tool: Toxic shame. The shame of secrets, the shame that makes people weak and manipulable. The shame that poisons mind and corrupts. The shame that makes you hide and separate from others. The shame that makes you want to forget about yourself and makes you drink and take drugs and the shame that will finally make you want to kill yourself when you realize you gave up your soul to the Devil just to be at peace for a moment in the illusion that the shame had gone away and it comes back in full force in an unsuspected way. 

The Devil loves this. All he has to do is whisper in your ear that you will feel loved, powerful and rich for the rest of your life if you give him your soul but if you don’t…..? LOSER, LOSER, LOOOOOOSER!!!!!

The Devil comes in many forms and shapes but he is everywhere. The Devil is a global creature and nobody wants to be a loser so we keep paying our mortgages, our taxes and our “dues”. We play nice and swallow our pride because to stand up and be counted is to  say to the Devil: “Go fuck yourself” and we all know what happens if you stand up to the devil! So we stay in the rat race because to drop out is to become a LOOOOSEEER!!!!

To drop out is to become homeless, to have to live with the other losers. To drop out is to have  “non”-losers WINNERS stare at you pitilessly because so they tell themselves: You brought it on yourself!

They have to think that because to admit that they are afraid to become losers too, if they have to give up on being part of respectable society is to admit to the shame that binds them. The Devil loves this. More precisely the people who love the devil and who play the toxic shame strings love this. They can extract, abuse, manipulate and kill, loot and rape with impunity because to point out that they behave as though they are above the law will trigger another defensive mechanism of toxic shame. You will be called a “conspiracy theorist” and that for most people is the same as being called a LOSER. They’ve got it all sewn up the people who love toxic shame.

If you recognize the above in one form or another you might want to watch this lecture from John Bradshaw. The author of “Healing The Shame That Binds You”.

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