4 thoughts on “The Collapse Of the Celtic Tiger Or What John Key Has In Mind For New Zealand

  1. The Govt any Govt is called “The Beast”
    The Media “The Image of the Beast”
    Confucius says “A Repressive Govt is more to be Feared than a Tiger”
    Also “The World is Ruled by Signs and Symbols (get it) and not by Rules nor Laws”

  2. Just what was John Key’s role in the collapse of the Irish economy ?
    Where was he at this time? Who was he working for ? If Merrill Lynch what exactly was this ML team doing….derivatives ie gambling or banking loans which went bad? Anyone know?

      • Gobsmacking read !!!! Why hasn’t the MSM picked up on this?
        Then there is the $114b that is under the radar that key and English have invested in the Wall St Derivatives (gambling) Market. Or is it a non story with Kiwis love of gambling making this OK ?
        The financial Hub that Key tried to introduce for foreign investment and thankfully failed could come back via TPPA. These people don’t give up that easily. Thought we had got rid of Rogernomics only to have Key start the resurrection with his government. Lots to read on the site you posted.

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