So Much News, So Little Time

Update: Couldn’t resist this one:

Verizon patents targeted advertising method that determines if viewers are laughing, cuddling, sleeping or singing just in case you are thinking  about buying a  new TV!

This morning as I usual I woke up, got to my computer and started to read. It was just overwhelming, the sheer amount of News which I suspect will never make the NZ MSM so here are a few links you might want to check for yourself between now and New Year if you can find the time.

On Syria:

On Iran:

  • The West is accusing Iran of wanting to close the Strait of Hormus when they are going to do the military exercises as announced
  • There is no proof of Iran being involved in the production of Nuclear arms but that will not stop the West from threatening Iran with attacks

On Yemen:

  • It should be no surprise that whole villages join rebels (The MSM calls them al Qaeda but we all know that is a load of crock) after their villages are reduced to rubble with drone attacks

On the Illegal war in Iran:

  • A rapport which draws the conclusion that the war in Iraq was illegal (all 27 lawyers advised Blair that the war was illegal and this would have serious repercussions for a lot of people) has been postponed again. The reason? The UK government won’t release papers showing Tony Blair’s Iraq war pact with George W Bush.

On arming the police:

On the Collapse of the US:

In Germany they are exporting their elderly to cheaper countries for elderly care

In Iceland for a bit of good news they just put the first two executives of major New Zealand banks behind bars for their role in the frauds resulting in the collapse of Iceland’s economy and Bolivia nationalizes Spanish owned electricity companies which Shearer, if he really was an old fashioned Labout leader instead of a mercenary loving puppet for the  NWO, should threaten the international banksters  1% with even if National went ahead and sold our assets .

Well, this is  a small selection of a the many, many articles I could link too but this should keep you entertained if only for a day or so.

6 thoughts on “So Much News, So Little Time

  1. The world’s most common RFID chip is manufactured by applied digital solutions, Verichip digital angel.

    They merged with AT&T in 2001. In 2008 the US Federal Communications Commission had an auction of the
    700mghz spectrum of the digital signal. AT&T bought enough of that spectrum to cover 90% of the US population.

    Applied digital solutions has sold 9 billion worth of their technology to the UK ministry of defence which will allow them to turn rfid chips on or off remotely without having to worry about where a reader is located. It would seem that chip reader distances will no longer be a problem (due to compulsory switch to digital tv with a set top box for every household).

    Comcast is the largest cable operator and internet service provider in the US. Comcast has openly admitted they are installing cameras on their new set top boxes which will make use of body form recognition software to ‘initially’ provide custom tailored services and advertising.

    Check out the following US Patents which are owned I think by the US military:

    US patent 6506148
    US patent 6488617
    US patent 5159703

    Patents are usually applied for once the technology has proved itself to be commercially viable via testing.

    The silent subliminal presentation technology documented uses more bandwidth than the analogue signal can provide so needs to be used via a digital signal. Just a coincidence that New Zealand, USA, Canada, Australia, etc are going compulsory digital TV signal? Think about it, why are our governments so keen to give us a clearer more highly defined experience? There’s more at stake than selling off analogue frequencies.

    • Nope Irish banksters but it is progress as far as I am concerned anyway.


      Have a good one next year and let’s hope we will see the demise of the financial world before they take us all with them!

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