Better Late Than Never: Rudy Dekker, The Owner Of The Flying School Who Taught The 9/11 Hijackers, In Jail For Trafficking

One of the first questions to emerge after the events of 9/11 was where and how did the hijackers learn to fly? Journalist Daniel Hopsicker actually went out and did the research and what he found was nothing short of shocking in its scope and importance but what was even more shocking that none of his finds seemed to interest the authorities.

For example he found that Rudy Dekker, the owner of the school and the airport were Mohamed Atta the ringleader of the alleged 9/11 hijackers took his flying lessons was connected to the international drug trade. He also found that Mohamed Atta loved booze, drugs and lived together with a girl who earned her money in the sex industry.Over the last 10 years Daniel has been vilified and ignored but on the 14th of December he was finally able to announce that Rudy Dekker, the man who was on every TV screen in the days after 9/11 cementing the story of the hijackers and how they were able to be in the US taking flying lessons while nobody was able to catch them before they perpetrated the attack on 9/11, was arrested for drug trafficking.

Here is Daniel Hopsicker’s story from the man himself:

The long run of Rudi Dekkers, 56, the Dutch national who first passed out bunks to Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi when they arrived in the United States to enroll at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida, ended last week when he was arrested for drug trafficking in Houston.(read the criminal complaint .pdf)

Before relating the details of ‘what went down in Houston,’ a little ‘back story’ on Dekkers, who is an historically important figure:

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, it was Rudi Dekkers’ running account of the character and personality of Mohamed Atta and the other terrorists which transfixed a nation and the world. He was everywhere on television.

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2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Rudy Dekker, The Owner Of The Flying School Who Taught The 9/11 Hijackers, In Jail For Trafficking

  1. Anyone who thinks two supposed Airliners bought down these Towers hasn’t got a Brain
    There is no hope for them in these last days

  2. very important arrest. Dekkers directly arcs back to atrocity. Was ‘in charge’ of Huffman field where ATTA and others were attached as part of deep state operation culminating in 911 as reported by Daniel Hopsicker in seminal work [2004] Welcom to Terrorland:Atta and the
    911 cover-up in lorida’. What happens to Rudi, is going to be very real indeed. We should watch this carefully.

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