Only 11% Of Dutch Gold Is In Holland

A Dutch news paper reported only 11% of Dutch owned gold is actually in the vaults of the DCB (Dutch Central bank) according to answers from the finance minister after worried MP’s wanted to know what actually happened to our gold.

It also reported that little over half of the gold is under the Federal Reserve bank in New York, 20% is in London and 20% is in Ottawa Canada. This is what the News papers say which begs the question if London, Ottawa and Holland together add up to 51% how can more than half be in New York and more to the point how is it possible that 89% of that gold is outside of Holland?

And about getting it back. ROFL, not in a million years!

One thought on “Only 11% Of Dutch Gold Is In Holland

  1. Kiss that gold goodbye …and who was taking the gold out of WTC5 on September 11th. 2001 ? Only $250,000,000 was recovered of the more than $900,000,000 stored there…and a truck loaded with the $250.000,000 was abandoned under the WTC5 …

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