Did Two Tectonic Plates Just Collide And Will Jacintha Saldanha’s Death Be a Turning Point?

Saturday morning the sad news of a woman’s suicide made world news. The woman in question was the nurse who accidentally picked up the phone because the normal phone operator wasn’t in yet as the time was an ungodly 5:30 am in the hospital were Kate Middleton the wife of Prince William was resting in the aftermath of a particularly nasty case of morning sickness.

The phone call unbeknownst to the nurse was a a phone call from two Radio DJ’s in Australia who pretended to be the Queen and the Prince of Wales and she forwarded the call to the duty nurse of the ward where Kate Middleton was asleep at that time.

She was found unresponsive in her apartment and was declared DOA at the hospital were she was brought to.

With the utmost respect for her and the people she leaves behind I have decided to put some words on digital paper as I find this event one of the most telling events of our time.

Let’s begin with a question: Why would anybody kill themselves after having been punked into believing that the people she was speaking too were the direct family of one of her patients or maybe not even hers but patients of the hospital she was working for.

It was 5:30 in the morning after what was probably a long night and I don’t know if you have done any night shifts lately but at that time in the morning after a night working your critical factories aren’t all that sharp or if you have only just started they aren’t either.

The mere thought of having a reigning monarch on the phone would have put paid to anybodies remaining ability of critical thinking at that time of the day.  Not only that, she was not asked to answer any questions, she was merely asked to put the “Queen” through to the ward were Kate Middleton was treated. A simple enough request, n’est pas? and a convenient passing of the buck too.

The two DJ’s who perpetrated the prank, the MSM is promoting aggressively, were bragging about how easy it had been to pull the prank and with the nurses death it was easy to scapegoat the two DJ’s. It must have been the easiest case of artificially produced backlash with the worlds opinion expressing an overwhelming condemnation of the two DJ’s involved but is this reasonable?

Were these two DJ’s intend on bringing harm to the nurse involved? In fact what was their motivation for making the call in the first place?

Apart from the fact that it is the same MSM who loves the kind of publicity a successful prank brings and which has never before condemned the cult of pranking so prevalent in modern mainstream TV and radio these days.
I don’t think the two DJ’s involved were intend on causing any upset beyond some embarrassment and hilarity about the hysterical news dissemination around what was after all only an unpleasant bout of morning sickness of one pregnant woman and the incredible prominence it was given in worlds News.

To most people outside of England and it’s Anglo Saxon colonies the  Royal Family is not important other than for its curiosity value when you visit London and you want to see some guys dressed in ridiculous clothes change guard in a ritual manner.

In a country such as Australia there are entirely different sentiments running in the undercurrents as most people are descendants of people who for some reason or other had triggered the wrath of the ruling elite and who for petty crimes such as stealing a loaf of bread had been send to an unforgiving and harsh penal colony  to never see their families and friends again. Disrespect and a call for a Republic are loud in Australia and a prank like the two DJ’s pulled would have been thoroughly enjoyed by most Ozzies listening in.

Added to that, with a Global economy sinking down the drain  and most of us heading for scary times more and more people are becoming aware that rather than being part of an equal, democratic society we are in fact ruled by an out of control oligarchy of which the royal family is part. For most people the only response is humour, satire and perhaps pranking the people part of the ruling elite and in this regard it couldn’t get any  better!

In fact judging by the upsurge in global protests and political upheaval it is perhaps safe to say that more and more people are waking up to the fact that perhaps all the attention foisted upon what is after all just an awfully rich dysfunctional German family living off the working people of England in a truly splendid fashion against the backdrop of an economy crumbling under the weight of their and their enabling banking class’s parasitical and predatory endeavours is perhaps not entirely justified and  pulling a prank such as that of the two DJ’s involved is the direct result of the irreverent  and perhaps even rebellious sentiments currently developing in what has been called the 99% who have to support this global elite.

In the days leading up to the prank it was announced that the wardrobe of the as yet unborn plum size royal foetus would cost a staggering $ 2 million in its first year as a human being alone!

And yet Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who killed herself in the aftermath of the prank probably has to make do with the absolute minimum wage while working away from her family some 5 days and nights a week living in the nurses quarters while her two teenage children have to grow up without their mother present.

While the MSM wallows in the unbearable sadness of Prince William having to leave his wife’s side because he has to work and for Kate to have to miss a couple of engagements while she vomits away in her gilded, pampered nest somewhere in oh, Kensington palace after it was announced the duke and duchess were, I kid you not, homeless and did not have a suitable place to call their own thousands of Jacintha’s have to travel away from their families and suffer endless loneliness in tiny rooms in order to make ends meet for their families in an increasingly deteriorating economy.

Reading the hysterical articles in the MSM  about sad Jacintha and the devilish DJ’s I wonder if the reason Jacintha killed herself was something more than a shame induced suicide. What if she felt overwhelmed by everything in her life: Her loneliness, her job which she felt might be lost as a result of her indiscretion, her isolation as a result of having to work away from her family? What if the prank was just the last drop in an already overflowing bucket?

I also wonder about what direction the MSM  will go with regards to the radio station who aired the show and whose DJ’s have been vilified to the point of being the direct spawn of Satan?

The MSM is now clamouring for the closure of the entire radio station and the DJ’s have gone underground for fear for their safety.

And it makes me wonder what all this is really about. One dead lady from India of whom there are so many working in the health industry because nobody in England in their right mind want to work the long hours for a pittance is not worth that much publicity in and of itself. (It makes me wonder how many women a year kill themselves  while working in the same circumstances but who we never hear about because their death doesn’t have a royal twist)

Other pranks have gone wrong before without the same fall out.

So what is different here?

What is different here is the fact that the intended victim of the prank was not Jacintha but the royal family. More precisely it was the English Crown prince and his commoner wife who were the target.

The royal family after Diana’s death had to work really hard to regain a modicum of popularity and the pinnacle of their success is the incredible popularity of both William and Catherine more popularly called Wills and Kate.

With an unreal level of disconnectedness to the real world they have been made into the Prince and Princess of Disneyesk legend. No place on earth they treated as just two ordinary people. They are nothing less then the global personification of royal superiority while being painted as this really nice accessible couple one of whom is just like us and that is some achievement.

It doesn’t matter where they go, they are received with honours beyond compare, they are the American Ney, Global dream on steroids and this is something the ruling elite needs. This is something which they can not allow to  be tainted with anything.

If the human psyche on a global scale could be seen as several tectonic plates of consciousness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be the personification of the old tectonic plate. The one that tells us that kings and queens have our interest at heart and that other then that they are just the remnants of an old paradigm and harmless to the rest of us.

But equally if this is so the two DJ’s and what they thought of as a bit of harmless fun at the expense of that old harmless powerless relic are standing on another tectonic plate.

The one that is the result of the growing awareness that the royal family is nothing short of the figure head of the global ruling elite, the 1% and the people responsible for what is  rapidly turning into the most hideous economic downturn since the “Great” depression.

And here we get to why I think that what happened with Jacintha is one of the most important events of our time. When Jacintha killed herself she did not do so because of a simple prank gone wrong.

The tectonic plates one representing the old paradigm and one the new awareness collided on 5:30 am in the morning when a tired nurse connected the two asn she put the phone call trough to “Kate’s” ward and the two DJ’s from Australia successfully pranked the royal couple.

That collision is what what crushed this poor nervous woman suddenly exposed to global attention from every media outlet in the known universe.

Jacintha lost her footing and choose her only way out when she realised what had happened and the two DJ’s from Australia? They are going to have a rough ride on whatever tectonic plate they think they are. You do not prank the golden couple of the ruling elite.

They rocked the two biggest psychological tectonic plates ever in human history and God only knows where that will end.

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