The Petrobras Disappearing Act, Ottawa and the TPPA And Why You Should Be Very Worried

Yesterday the news broke that oil Giant Petrobrass had voluntarily returned its permits and would disappear into the blue yonder leaving our Islands save for a while from ecosystem destroying predatory behavior.

This, so we were told was the result of famous actresses tying themselves to drilling Islands on behalf of Greenpeace, an angry native tribe and a financial set back of the company the combination of which  meant they choose not to pursue their exploration any further.

Hmmm….. ? Yeah Neh!

First of all Oil companies are not known to to listen to tied up famous actresses, Greenpeace or Native tribes. In fact oil companies are known for destroying cultures, ecosystems and other mayhem and not even Lucy Lawless acting like Xena the warrior Princess can change that.

Secondly we are currently hosting the ultra secret TPP negotiations which according to john Key will be so good for us we don’t need to know the conditions to which we are signing on but which according to leaked documents will give total control to foreign banking and OIL interests amongst others while we have no say in what happens around us in our own country and

Thirdly if you think I’m exaggerating about what these corporations will do to us if they don’t get their way here is an example: Oil company Lone Pine intends to sue the Government of Canada under the provisions of the NAFTA (yes, that other free trade agreement combining Mexico, Canada and the US) for a whopping $ 250 million. Why?

Quebec, one of its provinces, put a moratorium on fracking because it was worried about the environmental effects. Under NAFTA the Canadian government is responsible for acts by provinces and can therefore be sued for the loss of income for Lone Pine.

So while you celebrate the “win” over Petrobrass consider this: If you where a huge international oil corporation and you knew that in one or two years New Zealand would sign away whatever sovereignty had to the international global elite what would you do? Yep, you got it in one: keep a low profile pretend you’re not there and show up again once the TPP was signed and you could plunder to your hearts contend knowing the natives would have to pay damages in perpetuity if they dared to stop you from plundering their “native” resources.

2 thoughts on “The Petrobras Disappearing Act, Ottawa and the TPPA And Why You Should Be Very Worried

  1. yes, One does get the feeling there is a waiting game going on in corporate interest’s including I hear the stall of FEMA’s property buy up in NZ

  2. Don’t count on New Zealands willingness to “sign away whatever sovereignty” ,we have only just begun to fight !

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