John Tamahiri Thinks All Women Are Girls

I can’t think of anything more offensive than a man calling every woman he doesn’t like or has a beef with a girl. I find it so offensive that I think that not even Paula “Zip-it” Bennet should be exposed to the sexist equivalent of calling every black male “boy”.

It is patronizing, demeaning and humiliating to all of us women. Needless to say that if this is the sort of scum they want on the Labour benches Labour will get what it deserves. It won’t get my vote that’s for sure.

Former cabinet minister John Tamihere started the day promising plain-speaking.

Hours later he told a female journalist to ”go jump in the lake, you stupid little girl.”

Mr Tamihere was dumped from his portfolios seven years ago for offensive comments made about women and homosexuals.

He was accepted back as a Labour member at the weekend. On Sunday he was quoted calling cabinet minister Paula Bennett ”that bloody fat girl”. And on his radio show yesterday afternoon he took a swipe at TV3 political reporter Tova O’Brien.

”Tova, go jump in the lake you stupid little girl,” he said.

”I’ve had a gutsful of idiots like you trying to position people like me.

”Pimply little girls in a newsroom trying to position you for being cut up on a little news bite. Tova O’Brien, where the hell do you come from?”

Earlier he told Radio New Zealand that politics was ”dumbed down so nobody upsets any voter demographic.”

He went on: ”That’s not in me. I just come from a community and a region where we like to spell it out in black and white and some people don’t like that.”

Mr Tamihere, who runs the Waipareira Trust in West Auckland, hasn’t ruled out standing in the 2014 election.

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