Testing Party Pills On Dogs Is Necessary Says The One With the Grey Guinea Pig Living On His Head

According to associate (WTF is an associate minister) Health Minister Peter Dunne also known as Guinea Pig man because he has a grey one living on his head thinks that testing drugs on dogs because they may harm humans is OK, in fact it’s inevitable.

Here is my two cents. I eat meat and I don’t have a problem with that but I do have a problem with human beings using animals to test stuff on, especially if this is for what is essentially a vain, unnecessary and hedonistic drug.

I suggest that we use humans for that. So perhaps Peter Dunne can volunteer seeing as he is after all the minister of health. Or maybe some of those people who want to use these so called “party” drugs would be so good as to swallow them until half of them die. At least they will go happy!

One thing is for sure even if I wanted to be happy at some rave dancing the night away on some fabulous high it would make me a whole lot more unhappy knowing animals had died for my silly drug induced enjoyment than the drug would make me happy.


Dogs will (sic) forced to take lethal doses of party pills under a controversial scientific testing method being considered by the Government to determine whether the designer drugs are safe for humans.

The SPCA, animal rights groups and the Greens say using animals to prove the safety of non-medical drugs is “barbaric” and are urging New Zealanders to fight the proposal when public submissions are called for.

SPCA Auckland chief executive Bob Kerridge also urged New Zealanders to force officials into banning the trials.

“Any test at all for this product on animals is quite frankly abhorrent,” Kerridge said.

“This is a product that is of no benefit to humans. In addition to doing considerable harm to the animals, it has no beneficial outcome whatsoever. Therefore, [the testing] should not be allowed.”

Under current laws, novel recreational drugs, or party pills, are exempt from the rules applied to pharmaceutical companies, which must prove drugs are safe for human use.

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2 thoughts on “Testing Party Pills On Dogs Is Necessary Says The One With the Grey Guinea Pig Living On His Head

  1. Peter Dunn and John Key are typical Christians who believe humans were put here by some invisible man who allows us to rule this planet and use and abuse everything else that lives along side us. The testing of Party drugs is a complete disgrace . . The testing of any drug, medical or other is a disgrace. Old science. That whole industry makes me sick. Out dated old science has no place these days.

  2. The original intention of the invention of party pills was to make available a safe alternative for kids who would otherwise experiment with illegal hard drugs. Party pills were banned when the booze companies woke up to them – for in one year their profits were slashed by a half… (people used to spend a hundred bucks on booze (on a friday night) but for a whole year they spent $50 on booze and $50 on party pills.) Booze companies were ‘pissed!’ and so threw money at their Lobby team untill the problem went away… This so called party-pill ‘harm’ is nothing more than a bull-shit smoke screen that has only harmed the profits of booze companies.

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