11 thoughts on “Gaza Is A Genocidal Masacre!

  1. Saul – you can’t be serious. zionists are committing genocide in the name of all Jews. What a bitter irony. The Israeli phrase ‘mowing the grass’ could be a modern day translation of ‘arbeit macht frei’. Totally repugnant.

    • missiles into the south of Israel?
      are we talking about the Israel that was set up in 1947, or territory that was subsequently occupied?
      Hammas sympathisers is garbage talk. It’s not about politics, it is about insane imperialism, bro Saul. Sick domination.Plenty of Israelis hate it too

        • LOL. My bad but sometimes people think I’m a male and I kind of like being an angry female speaking out. You’re right though. Way to go for the taxi driver dude!

          • All of you Hamas sympathisers would change your tune in a second if you had been subjected to missile attacks for 10 years like the south of Israel. Also you all have double standards as the only reason you all enjoy the peace you take for granted is because of subsequent military actions that had requisite collateral damage much much worse than the damage palesinian civilians are unfortunately having to suffer.

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