Gen. Petraeus, Gen Ham and Admiral Gaouette. Benghazi, al Qaeda, 9/11?

General Petraeus head of the CIA stepped down because he had an extra-marital affair, Admiral Gouette, responsible for one third of the International fleet in the strait of Hormuz was fired because he was involved in a plan to oust Obama and General Ham, Africom commander for the past 18 months was arrested within 2 minutes of ordering an intervention in the Benghazi situation on 9/11.

I can smell a great big stink here and the sulfur smell might lead to some interesting places. I’m thinking back to 9/11 perhaps!

Here are some of the bizarre abnormalities and inconsistencies as a result of New research into the way the Air force
“failed”so miserably on that day:


7 thoughts on “Gen. Petraeus, Gen Ham and Admiral Gaouette. Benghazi, al Qaeda, 9/11?

  1. echoes of Paul Wolfovitz who went to jail ostensibly over corruptly helping his girlfriend with her career….she happened to be of Arab extraction.
    The present pogrom against Arabs, could the reason be something to do with their cohesive power as OPEC?
    one thing in this wiki article caught my eye. opec is partly based on the mission to iron out unnecessary fluctuations in oil prices.
    Well, the parasitic elite loves unnecessary fluctuations to bits. That is their bread and butter….(and larks tongues, tigers’testicles etc etc)

      • “Jill Kelley family from Jounieh, Lebanon, arrived in US around when she was born.” I don’t know what you call “second generation” Americans, but she’s not one. Regardless, I’m pointing out her origins in jest, knowing that some crazies are ging to fiund it highly relevant

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