Something To Show Your Mom And Dad, Those Coleagues Who Think You’re Nuts and The Rest of The Sheeple: They Are Stealing Whole Nations!

When you try to tell your loved ones and “those” colleagues about how the banks are stealing whole nations you get either one of two looks:

  • The turning of the eyes look accompanied by: “Oh, here we go again” or
  • The blank look accompanied by: “Neh, you’ve got it all wrong mate, it’s them (fill in: Maori’s, Samoans, Bennies, Single mums etc) getting all that money for free while we have to work our socks off.”

Here is Max Keiser together with Bill Black who singlehandedly put hundreds of bankers behind bars in the aftermath of what is commonly known as the savings and loans scandal and who wrote the book “The best way to rob a bank is to own one” telling the Irish what is happening to all those small countries going under because of inexplicable debts. And yes, John Key helped Ireland’s banks get in hock like there was no tomorrow and he is doing it here now.

I think that it might help open some peoples eyes:

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