Ominous Words: The Best Is yet To Come!

Obama promises us that the best is yet to come. I find these word rather ominous. What have we had so far? Surges in Afghanistan, More Bombs on Libya than in the Germans dumped on England and thousands of dead Syrians merely because they either supported the regime of where part of a minority religion. Killed by “rebels” who are paid and bought for by the US and NATO and the war drums are sounding for Iran.

Is that what Obama is referring too? WWIII, more austerity, more poverty and more corporate takeover and bankster looting.

Barack Obama called for unity and presented an optimistic vision of the future as he declared victory in the presidential election tonight.

The re-elected President promised ‘the best is yet to come’ and paid tribute to his opponent Mitt Romney in soaring rhetoric after his landslide election win.

In a speech that saw a return to the soaring rhetoric he has become known for since his election in 2008, Obama said during the fierce campaign he had ‘listened and learned’ to the American people and it had ‘made him a better president and I will return to the White House more determined and inspired than ever’.

His voice going hoarse at times, he said: ‘progress comes in fits and starts’ and the road is littered with ‘difficult compromises’. But he said he enters the next four years with an ‘economy recovering, a decade of war ending and a long campaign is over.’

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