And The Winner Is: Goldman Sachs Or Why I won’t Waste Any Time On The US Elections

Already huge numbers of complaints about voter fraud are beginning to pour in as the US population goes through the puppet show they call the elections. Obama shed a tear and Anne (for those of you who don’t know that is Romney’s wife) had a bit of a breakdown too.

It all amounts to nothing because the real winner is the banker 1% elite of course and the losers are the 99%. That is you and me and the mindless sheeple. Maybe that is why a whopping 58% of voters will not vote today.

The really scary part is if Romney wins he might try to bring some pretty scary Mormon predictions and curses to pass but whoever wins, the military industrial complex will continue its agenda of murder and mayhem in the middle East and its depopulation agenda for the rest of us. On that you can count!

7 thoughts on “And The Winner Is: Goldman Sachs Or Why I won’t Waste Any Time On The US Elections

  1. There will soon be civil war in the good old US of A, black again
    st white thankx to Obumma’s false birth certificate etc and Schwazenegger will be brought in as President. Sounds crazy, just wait and see.
    By the way Romney’s sons own the voting machine companies.
    Just like the younger brothers of George Bush Jr did when he was supposed to have won against Kerry.

  2. i think Romney’s Mormonism is just the same as Obama’s Blackness. It’ll be a Woman, next. Distracts attention from the real criminals.
    This “oath of vengeance” is a complete beat-up. i lived in Arizona amongst Mormons. The only difference between them and the rest, is that you can trust their tradesmen to do an honest job.
    One thing was that TV show that was around recently, stereotyping all the dramas of a family with multiple wives. Indicates that the puppetmasters had Romney in mind from way back.
    i knew a guy who had a connection with Nancy Reagan from childhood times. He told me he was at a cocktail party and Ronald was pointed out to him as being certain to become president. This ws fifteen years before he got in. Similar stories abound about Obama, noteably featuring the postman. (but my story is from the horses mouth. you heard it first, here!) Point is, we are being played for muppets. I’ll be ignoring their silly circus sideshow too.

    • I’ve been thinking S,

      All day there has been lots of stuff about the voting machines flipping votes from Obama to Romney and the other way around. 80 private planes have already landed in Boston,
      Romney’s base. I’m sure Obama has a similar thing happening. These groups can now blackmail each other with dragging court cases and recounts unless they both get what they want. I reckon they are going to leave Obama where he is and we’re going to get WWIII, Auterity and all the other shit they’ve been dreaming up for us.

      • they could do the sensible thing and go back to pencils and paper
        A lesson for us?
        i think we’ll get WW3 when the bankers decide that too many of us know too much
        When that happens, when the uncritical masses evolve into a critical mass, those arseholes will fear for their scungy lives.
        i have been surprised by the USA colonising places like Bosnia, (where the new CEO of AIG has his magnificent vineyard estate) Iraq,Afghanistan (we’re here for the long term?????) now Northern Territory (and it won’t be difficult to foment a need for peacekeepers in NZ. Probably Australians.) Best explanation i can find is the theory of resonating aerials. It has been shown by a clever person i met on MNZ that bases like Exmouth and Pine Gap are related by significant angles and distances. Bruce Cathy did amazing work in this field. Thus the need to establish bases, over these spots from where control over the (hypothetical) future energy grid can be established.

  3. Can you correct your spelling – I know you probably meant to say the politicians are scoffing away in the trough of public money somewhere in your text but you actually should have typed ‘through’…thanks – another internet grammar nazi…Sorry!!

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