I’m Dutch, Get Over My English!

Just the other day one of my readers told me that she reads me for my linguistics or would that be my use of linguistics or my linguistic endeavors to mention a few variations on the use of the term, as much as she does for the information I put on my blog.

She pointed out to me that she knew I was Dutch and that my use of English or the use of the English language or …. was of interest to her as she was a writer and a poet.

I liked her approach and I thought I would spend a couple of sentences or waste some words, time, space and make a few points with my regards to the use of language. Any language.

To most people rules of language and grammar is set in stone and while I am sure I make some unforgivable faux pas for some when using English which is my second language as Dutch is my first, I do not regard the rules of language and grammar as set in stone.

To me language is a living thing. It changes, adapts, morphs and in doing so evolves as people need it. the language I learned as a child no longer exists. If I where to go back to Holland I would have to speed learn new expressions, new words and I would sound hopelessly old fashioned.

Surinamese and English, Computer and Texting shorthand would all confuse the shit out of me as South Africanders found out in early days. No language stays the same and every time dictionary word collectors have to catch up as changes are made faster and faster with the world growing smaller and smaller.

We all make up words to serve our needs and use language to express ourselves to other human beings and I am no exception.

My first language is Dutch. My way of building sentences is different to the average English person, it is Dutch. What’s more I don’t have the advantage of learning just one kind of English. I watched English, American and New Zealand TV and all of them are different. So my English is an amalgamate of all of them. Color, Colour, realise, realize: which one is “correct”? And what does it matter?

I for one don’t give a flying fuck. If you understand what I’m trying to convey my job is done. I leave it to the professors to fight over linguistics. I will slipslide into the river of linguisticity (right there a new word fresh from the brains of one single human being) and let it take me where it goes.

I’m Dutch, get over my English!

And thank you J. for enjoying it.

11 thoughts on “I’m Dutch, Get Over My English!

  1. Hi Ev, I’m a uni graduate with Latin and a lot of language-oriented papers. I don’t care about how you order your words either !! 😀 But I feel and hear your passion… and that’s what really counts. You keep doing what you do. The world needs to hear you : ) Bron,

  2. content is more important than the construction of the article. you bring facts that professionals journalist refuse to or unable to .
    Travellerev =1
    Professional Journalist =0

  3. Hear, hear, people with low self-esteem always have to criticise in order to make themselves feel superior. Love your work, waking up the comatose masses.

  4. “I for one don’t give a flying fuck.”
    I think you’ve just proven you don’t need to spell like a pro or be nice with your words to be able to meaningfully express yourself. Love the blog, keep up the good work 🙂

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