Martial Law and Herr Fuhrer Obama, Welcome to The Fourth Reich. FEMA Preparing To Cancel Elections!

There are those day where you regret not having the balls to really predict something right out loud and today is one of them.

Three months ago when Hubby and I were discussing the near future I said that it would not be inconceivable that they would attempt to scuttle the US election and declare a National emergency in order implement Martial law so they could roll out the FEMA camps and get the police state fully implemented.

It seems that Sandy has given them the argument to go ahead with exactly that.

So here is my prediction for today: If they manage to “postpone” the election, dispensing with any pretense of a functioning Democracy the next thing will be the activation of he FEMA Concentration camps, the activation of the indefinite detention law and the US army with NATO military added for good measure, on the streets of America. No more Posse comitatus or habeas corpus.

With these tools of control firmly in place they will have total freedom to implement the NWO agenda which means WWIII with Iran being the main focus for the time being and China next.

7 thoughts on “Martial Law and Herr Fuhrer Obama, Welcome to The Fourth Reich. FEMA Preparing To Cancel Elections!

  1. As soon as you mention “Herr Fuhrer” and “The Fourth Reich” you telegraph DISINFORMATION and sound like a fear mongering shill.

    • Rob, please investigate
      a) the Nazi family connection of the Bush dynasty
      b) the origins and connections of Obama
      then these words which frighten you will not seem farfetched in the slightest

      • Steve, these words don’t frighten me or seem far fetched. It is about interpretation and what is implied. One man’s leader is perceived by another man as a puppet.
        What passes for history and is taught in schools and universities and preached in some churches should be a concern for all people who dream of freedom and rights for all.

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