Aargh, Computer Crashes And Missing Out On All the Stuff That Is Happening

Update: Live link to New York. A camera attached to the statue of liberty filming live

I tried to keep my poor abused laptop going as long as I could with a totally unstable Operating System thanks to my interfering with it on several occasions but this weekend I had to admit defeat and while I was able to get a good backup I had to reinstall everything from the bottom up.

Which is a crying shame because some super interesting stuff came up. Here are a few things I would have wanted to report on:

  • National wants to privatize the WOF system!
  • The Frankenstorm! The HAARP and Chemically enhanced natural disaster event of the century just in time for Obama to shine as the leader of the free world and a possible postponement or even cancellation of the US election.
  • The arrest of Kostas Vaxevanis on life radio who published a list of 2000 names with bank accounts in Switserland because of “Privacy issues” .

6 thoughts on “Aargh, Computer Crashes And Missing Out On All the Stuff That Is Happening

    • I have indeed had to reinstall Windows. Much to my disgust but the programs I’m using are mostly Windows and I have not found good replacements in Ubuntu.

      I am considering a double OS system thought to get my head around Ubuntu. Hubby has gone before me on that path and I intend to follow!

      • Ubuntu having no viruses is a myth, Windows has more targeted attacks against because it has the largest market share. However because of this well known threat, there is more money and time spent on detection and prevention. There are plenty of in the wild exploits against Linux systems and the myth of not needing AV on Linux systems makes it worse.

  1. revmichelle is talking more than 50 percent speculation
    So-called “infrasonic undulation” is unfortunately going to have anyone with any understanding of atmospheric dynamics, falling about in gales of laughter. Not that she is essentially wrong. The chances are extremely high that this storm is subject to artificial excitation, IMO. The vapour patterns she attributes to HAARP interference are pressure waves, and they occur naturally, but presumably can be energised by incoming pulses from artificial sources resonating with the natural systems. The splodges she names “chem-dumps” may have something to do with HAARP…..HAARP heats up small areas in the ionosphere. But to amp up a huge 1000-mile wide storm, i would suggest involves large underground aerials and nuclear powered transmitters, all around the world, (Pine Gap near Alice Springs; Waihopai, near Bleinham, for example, working in resonant cohesion. Maybe this system is the reason the powermad want Iran so badly? Maybe there is a spot there which is missing from their pattern and would make their system more efficient?

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