On Judaism Versus Zionism And Why The Desecration of Graves Is ALWAYS Wrong

This week 20 graves in a Jewish Graveyard were damaged and desecrated by people who thought that this was a great idea. Yesterday a house was vandalised with swastika’s and Heil Hitler signs.

I don’t know the  motivation of the perpetrators but other than causing the families of the people who are buried there a great deal of grieve and leaving the people who live in the house terrified, they achieved nothing more than fear, anger and confusion about issues which should be clear, crisp and above all in the public forum to be discussed without anger and fear.

Desecrating graves never achieves anything and as far as I am concerned is always wrong regardless of whose grave it is and is always intended to cause hurt, fear and anger and is done by either uneducated angry people or as a weapon in order to heat necessary public debate beyond reasonable and impossible.

I condemn the vandalism with my whole heart and hope the perpetrators will be caught and brought to justice. But I hope equally with all my heart it will not shut down the debate about Israel and its racist Government.

I hope that people will not stop to support those people who based on their spirituality and religion speak out against Israel and its Genocidal policies against the Palestinian people and that it will not have a backlash against those of us who write about the atrocities committed by the Government of Israel and its army in the name of its people.

If you want to understand more about what Zionism is in its historical context here are some links to Jewish anti Zionist groups and Israelis who speak out against the crimes committed in their name.

This is the site of Gilad Atzmon. A Jewish Musician Writer and anti Zionist.
This is the site of a traditional Jewish group who based on their Jewish faith speak out against the existence of the state of Israel. And NO I’m not advocating the Israeli state be ended in one form or another through violence.

Here is a Jewish man explaining why he is against the state of Israel:

2 thoughts on “On Judaism Versus Zionism And Why The Desecration of Graves Is ALWAYS Wrong

  1. The problem you’ve got is that Israel is the greatest cause of anti-semitism in the world today. Thanks to its policies, jews worldwide are being hated more & more. Until Israel changes, antisemitism is gonna increase exponentially. Jews themselves need to come together more & more & oppose Israel’s appalling attitude to muslims and other arabs in the middle east. Otherwise, expect more & more attacks. It’s as simple as that.

    • The problem is that uneducated ass holes take the easy way and vandalise graveyards. It is that sentiment which has been used by Governments and religious leaders throughout the ages to single out vulnerable minorities in order to rule.

      It is up to people like us to help educate and inform and cooperate with people, Jew or otherwise who are prepared to deal with the reality that Israel is unsustainable adventure from the powers that be which victimises Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.

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