Nobel Peace Prize Loreate Kills Economy Off Peaceful Nation In An Act Of War!


The EU has approved one of the toughest sets of sanctions yet on Iran’s nuclear program. It includes banning the import of Iranian natural gas into union nations.

The sanctions also include a ban on financial transactions between European and Iranian banks, with some exceptions for those involving humanitarian aid, food and medicine purchases.

The decision was made during Monday’s meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

“The [EU] Council has agreed additional restrictive measures in the financial, trade, energy and transport sectors, as well as additional designations, notably of entities active in the oil and gas industry,” a written statement issued by the European Union council said.

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4 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize Loreate Kills Economy Off Peaceful Nation In An Act Of War!

    • There are provisions in International law in place to prevent economic sanctions to be used as a means to subdue a country or people. However if a country or a group of countries choose to ignore International law because they can you have a problem

      • i would say they are criminal from the beginning.
        the reasons given are always lies. That is crime. The innocent suffer and/or die. The governmental instruments used to effect economic sanctions are not what they pretend to be…..just puppets. Where does the crime stop, is a better question

  1. Iran Cuba and North Korea are said to be the only countries left without a Rothschild bank.
    What about Burma and Fiji? Two other “rogue” nations, whose civil rights blemishes are far more highlighted than other countries which act a lot worse. Like Australia and America.
    What about China? They seem to have a fair bit of real independence.
    Anyone throw any light on this?

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