On Mandrake systems, Government Bonds, Reserve Banks and Why Russell Norman Has No Place In modern Politics

Here is a 10 minute video from a presentation called the Creature of Jekyll Island. In this part of the presentation made by a gentleman called G Edward Griffin, a man I have had the pleasure of speaking with in March 2008 and who predicted that John Key would preside over the biggest sell off of New Zealand’s assets, he explains the Central/Reserve bank (Mandrake) mechanism which all started in 1609 in Amsterdam…. and the idea was pure genius!

It seems that Kings found out the hard way that trying to squeeze more than 43% in taxes from their populations was a sure fire way to loose their job. Usually through beheading or other unpleasant ways.

But then they discovered a magnificent system that allowed them to squeeze up to 80% out of their populations earnings: The central banking system!

A system of mixed private and public interest which can only exist as long as you an I believe in it and believe we did. For more than 400 years. Here is how it goes:

You need three entities:

  1. A Government (supposedly elected by the people)
  2. A Treasury ( A public entity given the task of overseeing public spending)
  3. A Central/Reserve bank prepared to finance the Government. The reserve bank is usually portrayed  as a public  entity as well.

This is how the three work together:

The Government needs money. It needs it for good things such as schools, roads, hospitals and other public works but… it also needs it for the Military, Casinos, Race courses and Conference centres which they tell us will rake in revenue for the cities they are build in.

The Government tells the Treasury what they intend to spend money on and the Treasury goes ape. there is no such thing as a positive account in the treasury and so they decide to borrow money and here is how they do it:

They issue bonds.

The bonds look impressive and official and they are guaranteed! And all your mom and pop investors “buy” these bonds feeling save in the knowledge that they will get some interest on these bonds in the future but ask no questions as to how come the government is so sure they can pay that money back!

If the Government can’t get their money from their own population which is almost always the case  they go to the Central/Reserve bank.

The central bank buys the bonds with a huge checkbook they have lying around and off the Government goes with their new found wealth, spend… spend… spend but again nobody asks where that money comes from!

So let’s ask the two questions which should be on any ones mind:

  1. Who is going to make sure the Government is going to be able to keep their promise to guarantee delivery on the bonds they issue?
  2. And where does that money come from when the Government sells bonds to the Reserve bank ?

Let’s answer the last question first:

  1. The Government can only guarantee the bonds they issue by means of one reason: They can tax you!They can tax you on your wages, on your house, on your land and even on your farts or that of your cattle! And they do!So in that respect the bonds you bought to safeguard your future are promissory notes to tax the shit out of you sometime in the future.
  2. The money the Central/Reserve bank used to buy the bonds which are guaranteed by your hard work and toil and that of your children and children’s children was created out of thin air. No bag of gold or cash from other people who worked their asses of to get it was used to help us pay for roads, schools, casinos and other things the Government thought we needed.What’s more we are expected to pay that money out of nowhere back with interest!

In New Zealand it is said that the profits made at the Reserve bank are being returned to the Crown and it is a matter of debate what and who the Crown really is but most Kiwi’s think the Crown is the New Zealand Government. I give you the following to ponder on:

  1. If the Crown is New Zealand then why don’t we know what the interest paid on bonds sold to the Reserve banks is spend on?
  2. If we own the Central bank than why burden the population with interest on loans needed for public works. Why not issue money without interest?
  3. If we are a sovereign country why is New Zealand a Cooperation and why is the Queen of England, the queen in right of New Zealand and why is she issuing the bonds as the Queen in right of New Zealand?

Of course this is a simple representation of the Reserve model. Other entities which invest in the bond markets are Pension funds, Hedge funds and other large financial entities but those entities are also build on the premise that later generations will pay for the debts earlier Governments ran up to satisfy their electorate and keep them from revolting if and when taxes would exceed 43% of their income if they had known.

The fact is that Governments have been able to spend Gargantuan amounts of make believe money on projects, many of whom had nothing to do with the “good of the People” and which are increasingly used to limit the freedom and well being of “the People” in favour of a small elite.

With all this in mind I hope you will agree with me that in perpetuating the scam that is Reserve Banking system Russell Norman has shown he has not made a study of the current financial system and the continued growth which is needed in order to support the system and as a leader of a “Green” party has completely missed the mark and should resign as political leader!


3 thoughts on “On Mandrake systems, Government Bonds, Reserve Banks and Why Russell Norman Has No Place In modern Politics

  1. You make a good point about the “crown”. The Queen actually legally owns all the land in New Zealand. However, this was also true in the 1930s. It is a good idea to print money. The Greens are on the right track, but what you are suggesting is that they are not nearly radical enough. However, it seems counterproductive to attack the only party attempting to halt our destruction.

  2. complete crap. In fact everybody especially the green Party predicted Key would reside over the biggest sell off since rogernomics. You article is bogus. Why should we borrow money created by govts and private banks overseas when we can print our own?

    • what i heard from a few avenues is that the Crown actually is not the Queen, but is in fact the City of London. Which makes a certain amount of sense, or is feasible, but i stress that this is just something that i’ve heard, and i haven’t done much about verifying it, just keeping an open mind.
      Anyway, another beaut penetrating post, Ev

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