Iran’s Currency Collapse, Next the Entire Economy As A Prelude To WWIII.

Update: According to Zero Hedge Iran is now going into a hyperinflation phase as a prelude to the total collapse of the country!

On the 1th of October Zero hedge reported a 20% fall of the Iranian Currency, the Rial. The currency collapsed under the pressure of the International sanctions and speculation and with the latest drop in value is now only worth 50% of what it was before the sanctions.

Added to that the leaders of Religious leaders of Iran wanted to curb speculation which to Islam is a sin and in doing so reinforced the fear of an imminent collapse and intensified the race for hard currencies.

The Real was a strong and secure currency before the sanctions and it is reasonable to assert that if these sanctions had not been put in place the Iranian economy now on the verge of collapse would have been steady safe.

As is to be expected with food prices rising as the result of the devaluation and the economy plunging the firs signs of societal collapse are manifesting itself with riots erupting near the central banks when demonstrators demanded the head of the central bank to stand down.

Unless sanctions stop there will be an economic collapse next cracking the Iranian society along its fault lines such as Shia, Sunni, Christian, Jewish and like we have seen in Iraq next will be ugly infighting financed by the US and NATO elite which has recently taken an Iranian terrorist group (MEK) of the terrorist list in order to be able to finance this group. With the biggest International fleet waiting in the strait of Hormus it will be only a matter of time before the West will become involved and we will be looking at WWIII as China And Russia will not tolerate the invasion of Iran.

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