John Key Doesn’t Believe in Accountability. He Doesnt Have To, He’s A Banker!

Background information sources for this post are:

  • The Financial Tsunami Series from Bill Engdahl
  • Max Keiser’s interview with Ian Fraser in show 313 in which Ian claims that an edict came down from upon up high in 1992 in the UK telling the serious fraud squad there would be no more high up banking elite and financial institutions prosecutions.

Bill Black financial fraud report

John Key is off to Hollywood. He does so because he wants Hollywood to make more films here, or so he says. There was a time when this kind of promotion was done by local directors and producers with good ideas and the backdrop to film them. It was called competition and free market and the Hollywood bigwigs loved to cut their own expensive crews back a notch.

Such was idea of the capitalist free market but now we are let to believe that it is the job of the Prime Minister to gallivant around the planet to sell his country for business. If you ask questions about the connection between John Key jetting over to the very same people who wanted Kim Dotcom spirited out of the country and delivered to the evil empire for daring to earn money with products they claim as their own you are of course called a “Conspiracy Theorist” living in Fantasy land.

Here is my take on what happened over the last couple of months and what I consider to be a pattern emerging. A pattern I might add which is apparent all over the world and which pertains to one class of people and one class only.

That of the banking elite!

As Catherine Austin Fitz pointed out currently the world is divided in two classes: those who can kill with impunity and those who can’t. Let’s for the moment call them the 1% who can and the 99% who can’t. (We all know that the figure is more like  .001% and 99.99% but that is nitpicking)

This is a very important distinction as I hope you will agree upon. You and I are part of the 99% and chances are you, as I, have never even met one of the 1% yet they decide who is to die and who is to live for all of us. They decide on wars, on genocide, on who rules where and over what and most of all they feel that they own everything under the sun and the rest of us are using up their resources without any good reason and we should and will, if we don’t stop them, pay for the use of their water, energy and food and above all be taxed for breathing out that vile CO2.

They can do this because they can impose this on the rest of us with a well thought out system of suppression most of us don’t even realise we live under. It depends on our obedience, wilful suspension of disbelieve and our need to be part of a a community.

It also depends greatly on our sense of justice and need for accountability ironically!

What makes it work is that most people can only handle a community of about a 150 individuals and they have come to understand that if you fill that limited space with celebrities (local and global), athletes and some figure heads we call politicians they can pretty much stay out of the limelight and get on with what they like doing best. Earn more money and stuff and exert power in order to do so.

What is the most wonderful of all of this is that they can escape what most of us can’t: Accountability!

Just imagine! Infinite amounts of wealth, freedom, power and all that earned through means you and I would find corrupt, illegal and dishonest and above all unaccounted for. Mostly…!

Now let’s get back to John Key who with his $50 million, I can assure you, is but a very lowly lackey in this star studded cosmos of the all mighty 1%. He can’t for example kill with impunity… yet. He knows who can and may actually be in their presence ones in a while and bask in their attention but if he went out and shot someone chances are they would drop him like a hot potato and he would end in jail.

But what he has been doing over the last 20 years pretty much amounts to living above the law in a great many ways you and I could not and as a result he has become, or so he feels, entitled to a huge modicum of unaccountability.

Here are some of the things he has been doing which would land you or I in jail:

  • John has sold products which were fraudulent and misrepresented as having real value to Pension funds and governments. In fact here he confesses to actually knowing in great detail how the Derivatives he sold and pioneered with Bankers trust bank and Merrill Lynch would ultimately implode
  • John has created money out of thin air thus diluting the money supply which would have been called Counterfeiting if you or I had done so.
  • John has aided and abetted foreigners in an attack on New Zealand’s money supply and he lied about it when asked about it by journalists. If this had happened in a court of justice it would have been called Perjury and while it may not be a crime to lie to a journalist it is something which would have serious repercussions if you or I did it.

Yet… nothing seems to matter to John and he most certainly does not have to carry any consequences for actions that would get us banged up in jail or fired from our jobs.

This is not something which happens only in New Zealand. At this moment in time it happens everywhere.

In America for example John Gorzine the CEO of MS Global recently started a new hedge fund after he explained that $1 billion of MF Globals private bank accounts had just vaporised into thin air leaving thousands of customers in the lurge with collapsing businesses and without money.

In England Barclay was caught manipulating the LIBOR and the people responsible, while some of them may have had to leave their jobs due to massive public outcry, were not prosecuted or called to accountability.

In London the biggest bank; JP Morgan Chase bank began to loose billions of dollars on unregulated bets with customer money which to date have not been unwound as are continuing to leak money at an alarming rate such as we know about.

In light of these international crimes and the total lack of justice and accountability it should come as no surprise we can’t hold our elected officials accountable either. John is doing after all what he has always done: Do what you want as long as you can get away with it. No ethic or integrity required and with the support of the 1% he can not go wrong. Period!

3 thoughts on “John Key Doesn’t Believe in Accountability. He Doesnt Have To, He’s A Banker!

  1. great post Ev.
    the kind of detail such as that people can handle about 150 personalities and celebrity-pushing therefore cuts down our ability to relate with each other, is powerful information

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