The Question Is Not Are We Modifying The Weather. The Question Is How Much Are We Modifying The Weather!

Yesterday I linked to two videos on the Standard blog. They are called What in the world are they spraying and Why in the world are they spraying. It was a coming out as it where on the weather modification issue and as was to be expected some of the comments were dismissive. That is […]

Congratulations All You Warriors, Fighters Against the Asset Sales, a Six Month Delay Now On With The Fight For Cancellation

Breaking! Asset sale Mighty river delayed for six months until March next year. That is huge! There are major changes on the way in the financial global structure and this delay could very well be the delay we needed to stop the sales all together. There is plenty to do but you were the Mosquito […]

On Revolution, Food Prices and Youth Unemployment or Why the GDP Scam Is About To Explode

According to the official figures the global economy is growing and all is hunky dory. England’s economy is healing and China is racing ahead and while Ben “helicopter” Bernanke is a tad worried about deflation there is nothing that another bit if Quantitative Easing won’t fix. And while most Kiwi’s will continue to live in […]

9/11: Criminal Incompetence and Ass-Covering by the Bush Administration

We’re approaching the 11th anniversary that is to this day shaping our world through illegal wars, economic collapse and global financial crime of staggering proportions. Here are 14 facts proving Criminal Negligence and Ass-Covering by the Bush Administration during and after the attacks of 9/11. By Washingtonsblog On this eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, […]