On Financing al Qaeda And Destroying Yet Another Ancient Culture

In Iraq the biggest museum of ancient art and artefacts was destroyed and you can now buy big Macs and pizza hut pizza’s. Old traditions and farming methods have been destroyed and made Iraqis dependent on Mozanto’s terminator seeds.

four years of droughts preceding the invasion of Afghanistan pretty much ended the old farming society and prepared it for the resurgence of the opium culture for the CIA and the US military.

In Libya the ancient tribal structure of negotiation and trade was used to break open the country to foreign invasion and now the same is happening in Syria. You organise fights in ancient cities forcing the destruction of ancient landmarks disorienting the local population  and you finance “al Qaeda” (Yep, the same forces we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq)

That is how it goes. You want to conquer the world you destroy it’s ancient cultures and communities. Through hunger, artificially emphasized and pressurised divides in the socio-economic structures and if all else fails with brutal military might.

One thought on “On Financing al Qaeda And Destroying Yet Another Ancient Culture

  1. there was a US army base set up right around the ruins of the ancient city of Ur for a while.Perhaps they wanted a good place to. practise with their groundpenetrating imaging devices. Ur is the scene of the Royal Burials, according to Zecharia Sitchen, the bodies are those of our god-like progenitors…….

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