Netanyahu Wants Us To Bomb 70 Million Human Beings Back To The Stone Age Based On What???

Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu spoke to the world population as represented in the UN. He showed us the reason why he things we should bomb and entire Nation of more than 70 million human beings back to the stone age. For some reason I don’t feel convinced. Do you?

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8 thoughts on “Netanyahu Wants Us To Bomb 70 Million Human Beings Back To The Stone Age Based On What???

    • Because anyone with a modicum of understanding of Nuclear weapons manufacture knows that Netanyahu’s explanation of Iran’s “enrichment progress” is laughable …Wiley E Coyote and Netanyahu have that in common. The Amce bomb cartoon was childish in the extreme and Netanyahu is a known liar.
      Fact :Iran has been able to process and enrich Uranium to 20% as is required for medical uses…to produce a nuclear weapon you need a minimum enrichment of >93% .Therefore if you have one million ton of 20% enriched Uranium you cannot make a single nuclear bomb …not one ,if you have as little as 16Kgs of 95% enriched Uranium you have the beginnings of a nuclear bomb .Volume of less than 93% means nothing .
      You would think that Bibi would be quite knowledgeable on the requirements of making a nuclear weapons as Israel made their first one in the 60’s and some say they have more than 200 functioning warheads today…some in their submarines even. Now I have a real problem with a nation that has Israels history of violence having a single Nuclear weapons ! I think Israel should be sanctioned until they open their Nuclear Facilities ti IAEA inspections and until they do America (based on its own laws) should stop all aid to Israel ,both Military and financial.

      Hypocrisy or humour ,take your pick .

      • Thanks for the reply. Yes, agree completely about Israel, or more specifically, Zionist Israel. I just didn’t see the humour when there is a potential nuclear calamity waiting in the wings.

      • How about truth telling. No one ever talks about the 200 odd nuke this crazy bastard has at his disposal while Iran has none. Psychologists would describe Netanyahus’ behaviour as ‘guilt projection’.

    • good post Mick
      One blatant lie, in his speech (which the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (once proudly objective until John Howard strangled it into submission,) treated to exaggerated prominence) was the suggestion that the USA (inc) could have stopped Saddam from invading Kuwait, had they “drawn a red line”. Well, everyone who is not on their knees in front of their 5764inch LCD television set knows, the American administration gave Saddam the green light to invade, the responded with orchestrated atrocities that are still ongoing. Netenyahu also knows this well, because in those days the Israeli hawks had a lot of traction in the Pentagon, and doubtless contributed to the treachery and the laying waste of Iraq.

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