Panetta, Earthquake drills in Auckland and military Vehicles Seen Leaving The Day Before or Let’s Hope The Drills Don’t Go Live!

A Facebook friend pointed out that tomorrow there will be Earthquake drills in Auckland. In fact they are advertised as the biggest Earthquake drill ever. For those of you reading this blog you might be aware that the Earthquake in Christchurch was preceded by an influx of American politicians and a convenient medical convention and the visit of a “research” ship.

Here is what Ben Vidgen of the Postman blog had to say about it. Yesterday I also reported that the Scientists involved in the research with the Chch quake were touchy on the subject of faults and the Chch quakes.

The same facebook friend reported seeing Military vehicles leaving Auckland. I’m sure I’m wrong but let’s hope the drills don’t go live like they did on 911, eh?


10 thoughts on “Panetta, Earthquake drills in Auckland and military Vehicles Seen Leaving The Day Before or Let’s Hope The Drills Don’t Go Live!

    • this is the inevitable conclusion,Martin, when,unlike Kay, you do a little research before crystallising a fixed idea.

  1. I have my doubts about HAARP and seismic activity. Ben Vidgen himself says he is not 100% sure about the link but expresses strong suspision.
    More likely it is being used to break up methane emissions. ref=

    The earthquake drill was not just Auckland but nationwide.
    Yes our governments can be and are often underhanded but I don’t think this has legs.

    • definite orchestrated chemtrails over Launceston Tasmania yesterday. Most ive seen ever then the sky went milky. The trails were blown away quickly but the effect lasted some hours. The spraying was focussed purely over this small city. The intention could not be to drop any substance on the people. Must be connected with something like mobile phone towers? There are towers around here built by Optus but allegedly not in use.

      • why is your small town so important to warrant this attention; chemtrail spraying? Is this phenomena a climate change counter measure?

        • Actually Martin, I have begun to photograph parallel lines made by planes while a plane made another one. The lines are staying for ages and the are always made when the wind is land inwards.

          • ive seen the same thing over Lightning Ridge, a tiny town….planes clearly changing course to spray directly over town, then stopping spraying when past and clear. This on days when the trails are carried away by the wind.
            the answer to your question is almost certainly “a number of reasons” one of which, we feel, is to acculturate us to acceptance of a scheme that by multiple avenues, aims at control and dominance.(Sick dominance)

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