3 Days, the Daily News and 3 Articles About WWII Germany?

I read a lot of publications on line and one of them is MSM giant the Daily Mail. Over the last three days the Daily Mail published on its online Home page in prominent position three rather ugly articles. All of them about WWII Germany, its soldiers and its leaders.

Over the last year financial pundits and I have to admit even my hero Max Keiser have been linking the current German government to the old Hun “Ve Vant to Ruuule the Vorld” meme and I think it is very dangerous.

I think they have no such wish but they are being milked and destroyed by the financial collapse like every other country in Europe but unlike a lot of these countries they did manage their finances a lot healthier based on their memories of the disastrous financial situation they found themselves in in the 20’s and 30s giving rise to the Weimar republic and Hitler.

I think it is dangerous and the publications in the Daily Mail are provocative and putting pressure on old European fault lines  and seeing as the Daily Mail is a controlled MSM publication I have to take it as a concious effort to do so.

5 thoughts on “3 Days, the Daily News and 3 Articles About WWII Germany?

  1. that’s interesting
    i think we might read quite a bit from that
    the Europeans in general, were never fooled by 911
    if the Germans all of a sudden are being diabolized in the msm, the first thing that springs to mind is that the people of Europe, in general, are suss to the realities of western central currency control, (i.e. we are all getting screwed), and are getting activated about it, and the Germans in particular, have the ability to take meaningful action should they choose that option.

      • Ev, you have put your finger on (to coin a phrase) what is probably the central issue in this whole info war……human suggestibility. the main defences we can wish for are scepticism, discernment and enough objective and impartial information. Perhaps when a nation state gets behind pumping out real info, we will see the beginning of a return to sanity.
        Germany and Iceland could be a potent combination

          • you are doin’ it, Ev.
            education, medicine and food production.
            about the only things that do good and not harm.
            most of the rest is luxury or straight-out wasteful.

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