One thought on “Were We Nuked on 9/11 and is Netanyahu Threatening War With Iran To Keep Us From Finding Out About 9/11?

  1. Imagine just near the end of the “Cold War” Russia (I mean the Soviet Union ) realising it’s collapse was imminent ,decides to risk all whilst it still can …but cunningly it chooses asymmetrical warfare to use against it’s mortal enemy America…it’s “people” instead of launching a nuclear strike hijack a number of commercial airliners and use them as missiles …being cunning they hijack 20 planes over a 2 hour period and set about to symmetrically decapitated the American Government . They know where the President is ,they know where the Secretary of Defense is ,same with all the Government heads ,etc. etc..
    End game result America is now in the hands of Soviet troops comrade .

    Impossible some would say …fast forward to September the 11th. 2001 …

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