A Powhiri For a War Criminal: Meet The Man Who’ll Send Your Kids to Hell In WWIII

Today a Powhiri was held in Auckland for the man who will send Kiwi soldiers to die in WWIII. The US Defence secretary Leon Panetta today was received with full honours.

He was received with a Powhiri and we were invited to bring our ships over to the US were from now on they will be able to enter US harbours. Asked it this means we will have UN ships in our harbours meaning he was reluctant to answer.

Well here is probably why: At this moment a Armada of international warships is amassing in the strait of Hormuz for the biggest military exercise ever. 25 Nations and I’ll bet you bottom dollar there is a Kiwi presence in that fleet, are present to do the drill.

Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel wants to attack Iran and wants to do so ooh oops, in October!

This worries the most senior General of the US army so much he doesn’t want to be complicit in what most certainly will be WWIII if the exercise goes live. So welcome the man who very likely will send Kiwi sons and daughters to die in the next World War. The good news? We don’t have to worry about a couple of nuclear driven war ships because the war will go nuclear. Russia and China really do not want this war and if the crazies from the empire think they can push their way into Iran they have another thing coming and yes that includes New Zealand’s troops.

3 thoughts on “A Powhiri For a War Criminal: Meet The Man Who’ll Send Your Kids to Hell In WWIII

  1. This is my greatest fear too Eve..
    Leon Panetta is as `guilty of the deaths & maiming & the indiscriminate executions of men women and children, as any of the others in this & past administrations from the United State of Aggression. ..
    Those doing the Powhiri should have spat on him for his hypocrisy or turned their backs on him laying the wreaths for those who were undoubtedly brave but lately sacrificed, while scheming to add yet more to be similarly, and for what? To keep us safe while they kill other people just like us in Afghanistan Iran or Syria? People who have never threatened or attacked us or them for that matter

    Panetta & Coleman, Key and McCully will be just as guilty of collusion in more of our troops’ deaths, as if they had planted the IED’s or put bullets into them personally, because these type of wars are now unwinnable and they know it.
    Revenge & retributive killings are also as pointless as deterrents and as revolting as so called honour killings and there is no honourin either them nor those who kids themselves it is justified or lie that we are involved whwn even the SAS themselves admit we are. ..
    For a country that no longer has the death penalty it seems we are willing now to impose it or tacitly sanction it on others with no trial, and on the word of a country that spends more than every other country on their military being able to murder with impugnity and with no accountability and are even now printing money to enable it to continue!

  2. I can just see John Key sending the Arahura, loaded with troops, trucks and gear… Seriously, I can!!!!

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