12 thoughts on “Just In Case You’re Wondering Why New Zaland Soldiers Had To Die In Afghanistan

  1. If one subscribes to the Annunaki theory then I believe that one also need to take into account the other extra-terrestrials who are all actively working for the benefit of humanity.

    The Annunaki theory might help explain why gold (and silver) are imprinted on the human psyche as a form of money – the only commodity that has been consistently recognised as such for thousands of years.

    • good point SM. the universe is hugely more rich than we know
      Shell money has had a good long run in some places
      There are many other traits that we have, which are difficult, but which make sense in the light of the Sumerian histories

  2. Yes! Well of course they will need to kill all the Afghans first and I’m sure that that is their ultimate goal!

      • i love lapis lazuli
        next best after opal and wood
        that gold component is probably the big headline
        gold discoveries are frequently understated or buried. i was speaking recently with a guy who was a driller on gold exploratory rigs in northern Australia. He said, when they made a significant find, they were moved off, the area closed down, open cut procedures done, filled in, forgotten. Taxes? Records? what are they?
        Gold, land ownership and the elixir of eternal life are the traditional obsessions of the killer elite. some of the better ones like horses too.

          • do you think the big cull is inevitable?
            i know we have to downsize our human population, in my opinion 5 million humans would be fine, but i think the drastic methods will lead to cultural empoverishment which will lead to uncontrolled population oscillation whereas a gentle approach could lead to a stable outcome……we sure as shit don’t want these matters decided by the monsters who orchestrated the fiasco of the last 100 years

          • I think they think it’s inevitable but I’m going to give them a damn hard run for their money and hope no, I know others will too!

          • oh yeah, forgot to say, these open cut methods went down a kilometre, routinely. not small bikkies

          • yes, in other words, the gold mining game is massively bigger than official figures indicate

          • the other thing to keep an open mind about is the story of the colonisation of this planet by the Annunaki as described in the Sumerian records
            frequently ascribed to Zecharia Sitchen, whom i personally like, have most of his books, but he has limitations.
            the guts of the story is, these powerful, awesome biped beings came here to mine gold a few hundred thousand years ago. They needed gold to do climate control on their planet Nibaru. After a long time, their workers mutinied (plus ca change, plus le meme chose), and the outcome was, they created us or probably more exactly, Neanderthal people, to be labourers. So if these Annunaki are still wanting gold,.what better set-up than a gold-greedy populace willing to dedicate their lives to chasing the stuff, willing to give it up from time to time, let it be secretly concentrated (as rumour has it, for example, under the twin towers) and, as a free bonus, be willing to slave in weapons factories that will eliminate us eventually and provide illegal weapons for rogue Annunaki to pursue nefarious aims in other parts of the galaxy
            just a theory

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